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Guy Wire Thimbles
Guy Wire Thimbles

Galvanized Thimbles for Wire Rope

Guy wire thimbles are designed to preserve your cable when creating attachment points. Wire rope clips can be used to add an eye at the end of your guy strand - a thimble will reinforce that eye and provide abrasion-protection. It will also keep the wire from deforming, which can lead to breakage.

The galvanized finish offers both corrosion- and wear-resistance, so you can use this thimble in more demanding environments.

Heavy-Duty Guy Wire Thimbles

All of our thimbles are heavy-duty. They are hot-dipped, giving them a thicker zinc coating for added protection from corrosion. 

Our import thimbles provide excellent reinforcement at a budget-friendly price.

Our Crosby® guy wire thimbles are all made in the USA and come in both standard thimble and locking thimble designs. The locking version keeps the shackle and thimble assembly intact, preventing easy removal of the shackle. The advantage of this setup is that it protects the integrity of your attachment point - an inferior-sized assembly cannot be created in the field.

All thimbles meet or exceed Federal Specification FF-T-276b, Type III.

Additional Guy Wire Hardware

US Cargo Control carries hardware for a variety of guying applications - browse our selection of big grip dead ends, end sleeve ice clips, shackles, and turnbuckles.

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