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Guy Wire Clamps

Guy Wire Clamps

Guy Wire Clips

Guy wire clamps are used to create a loop at the end of your EHS guy wire by clamping the loose end of the wire back to the rest of the rope. This loop can be used as a load-bearing eye.

Clamps work best when combined with a wire rope thimble - this can be added to the loop to protect the rope at the point of contact.

All of our wire rope clips have a galvanized finish for weather-protection and corrosion-resistance.

Note: Guy wire clamps are not intended for use in overhead lifting applications.

Drop Forged Wire Rope Clips

Drop forged wire rope clips feature a traditional-style U-bolt and saddle that is secured with nuts. They are ideal for heavy-duty rigging jobs.

Our imported clamps offer excellent strength at an affordable price. They meet Federal specifications FF-T-276b. Type III.

USA-made Crosby® drop forged wire rope clips provide an efficiency rating of 80% for size 1/8'' to 7/8'' and 90% for sizes 1" through 3-1/2".

Fist Grip® Guy Wire Clamps

Available from trusted manufacturer Crosby®, Fist Grip® wire rope clips consist of bolts and heavy hex nuts. The design allows for a quick install - the operator can take full advantage of each swing of the wrench!

These clips have an efficiency rating of 80% for sizes 3/16" to 7/8", and 90% for sizes 1" to 1-1/2".

All Crosby® guy wire clamps meet or exceed all requirements of ASME B30.26 and are made in the USA.

Using Guy Wire Clamps

Watch the video below to see how these clamps are used:

Other Guy Wire Hardware

US Cargo Control also carries guy wire shackles, end sleeve ice clips, big grip dead ends, and turnbuckles.

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