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1x19 EHS Guy Strand

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1x19 Guy Wire

Add structural support to rigging applications with 1x19 wire. With a higher working load limit than the 1x7 guy strand and the ability to resist compressive forces, it's a reliable tensioning tool.

We currently offer wire rope diameters between 11/16" and 1", with working load limits from 54,000 lbs. to 104,500 lbs.

Compatible 1x19 Guy Strand Hardware

Complete your guying setup with guy wire anchors and hardware from US Cargo Control.

For connection points, check out our selection of guy wire shackles and turnbuckles. For termination points, we have big grip dead ends, as well as the capping end sleeves that prevent unraveling.

You can also create a connection point with a combination of thimbles and clamps. The thimble protects the cable from abrasion, and the clamps secure the loose rope to the rest of your 1x19 guy strand.

Wire Rope Questions?

Get in touch with our product specialists for more 1x19 EHS wire specifications, custom quotes, and more.

Domestic 1x19 guy wire is also available - call to order.

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