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Guy Wire Shackles
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    Guy Wire Shackles

    Guy Wire Shackles

    Guy wire shackles are primarily used for connecting EHS guy wires to load rings, chains, and more.

    Their galvanized finish offers corrosion-protection for versatility.

    Crosby® Anchor Shackles

    Trusted manufacturer Crosby® offers several styles of guy wire shackle. Cost-efficient import options are also available for several models.

    All of the shackles we carry can handle pulls from multiple directions due to their large, rounded shape. This makes them ideal for use with multiple-leg slings. They can also accommodate wider straps with ease.

    Screw Pin

    The screw pin anchor shackles are best-suited for temporary applications, or any that require repeated, quick connections/disconnections. The quick-release pin is true to its name and is faster to work with than a round pin.

    Bolt Type

    A bolt type anchor shackle is the better choice for permanent or long-term applications. Their design keeps them from developing significant side load. 

    They also work well if there's a risk of load sliding on the shackle pin, causing it to rotate.

    Round Pin

    The Crosby® round pin anchor shackles are a great choice for situations where the pin is subject to torque or twisting. If the pin is going to be subjected to an axial load, however; this is not the right shackle for you.

    Guy Wire Hardware Options

    Not sure what equipment you need for your guying setup? Browse our selection of big grip dead ends, end sleeve ice clips, turnbuckles, clamps, and thimbles.

    You can also call to speak with one of our product experts - they'll be happy to help!