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$199 away from FREE SHIPPING
$199 away from FREE SHIPPING
A close-up shot of a USCC manufacturer cutting a custom black lumber tarp inside the warehouse.

How USCC Creates High-Quality Custom Tarps

Flatbed tarps work to protect your cargo against harsh elements like rain, snow, wind, UV rays, and road debris while traveling. Made from a durable, tear-resistant PVC-coated polyester material, these custom tarps contain end flaps that help keep out water and reinforce the product's strength and durability.

Not all tarps are made equal, and some are designed specifically to cater to different types of trucks and trailers. Even so, we at US Cargo Control understand that truck drivers need specific dimensions for their tarps to appropriately cover and protect their cargo. That's why our manufacturing team members work hard to provide our customers with custom tarps made with high-quality materials and expertly assembled in our Urbana warehouse.

Read on to learn how our manufacturing team at USCC creates these high-quality custom tarps for your semi-trucks and flatbed trailers.

How Are Custom Tarps Made?

Our team experts first take custom tarp requests from our customers. From there, they work together with these customers to configurate a final design fitted to their needs, as well as an accurate quote. Once that's approved, the design is sent off to our manufacturing team to create the new tarp.

USCC manufacturing team member cutting custom tarp to size

Sizing Custom Tarps

The manufacturing team begins selecting the right tarp material based on the order and creates the right dimensions for it. Custom tarps are cut to size and laid out to ensure the material reaches the exact length and width that our customers want. After that, the team members roll up the tarp and send it off to the sewing stations to add the rows of D-Rings.

Adding Specifications

Depending on what the customer described in their order, the custom tarp may undergo a variety of different modifications.

  • D-Rings: Our sewers run the tarps through their machines depending on how many rows of D-Rings were specified in the request. For every row needed equates to the number of times sewers run the tarps through their machines. 

  • Stenciling: We offer stenciling of logos and other emblems on custom tarps at an additional cost. Our team members either stencil the graphic based on the provided SVG file from the request or use typeset wording. Stenciling is a great option to increase brand awareness and identify your custom tarp.
  • Colors: Customers can also choose a specific color for their custom tarps. We offer tarps in blue, red, gray, and black, as well as other colors upon special request.


USCC team member using a tape measure to inspect the length of a custom tarp laid out on the concrete ground.


All of our custom-made products - tarps, cargo nets, chain slings, ratchet straps, etc. - undergo inspection before being sent out to customers. We review all of the specifications required in the request form as well as quality control which includes neat stitching, straight cuts of tarp, aligned D-Ring rows, etc.

Our warehouse team members work hard to ensure custom tarps are made with high-quality care before being shipped off to our customers. As USCC Business Development Consultant Adam Shouse mentioned, "When we send things out to customers, we don't send out anything we wouldn't want to use ourselves."

USCC team members move folded custom tarp across concrete warehouse floor for further inspection

How to Order Custom Tarps

Go to our custom tarp order form to see everything you need to know in order to fill out the request. We ask you to provide you contact information such as your name (or company name), phone number, email address, and shipping address. Once that's finished, then indicate the intended use (business/commercial or personal) as well as the type you want for your custom tarp.

After that, begin detailing your specifications and building out your custom tarp. Let us know the length and width of the tarp (indicate whether in ft. or in.), the number of rows of D-Rings you want (as well as the placement of these D-Rings), inclusion of tarp flaps, and the material you need for your custom tarp. Material options include: 

  • 18 oz. PVC-coated polyester

    • Thickest and heaviest material available
    • Stands up to harshest road and weather conditions

  • 14 oz. PVC-coated polyester

    • Strong and reliable protection from road debris and the elements
    • Lighter alternative to 18 oz.

  • 6 oz. nylon

    • Ultra lightweight - same material as airbags and parachutes
    • Flexible and easy to use
    • Available in combination with 18 oz. material

Combinations of these materials are also available. Our product experts can help you better understand and align a tarp material option best suited for your needs.

If you have additional information you want to include for your custom tarp, then fill out the "Other Notes" box at the bottom of the form. Otherwise, if everything else looks good, then click "Submit" to send off the request to our product experts.

Other Tarp Options

As previously mentioned, not all tarps are made equal. Different styles accommodate for different trucks, trailers, and even tarp uses. U.S. Cargo Control offers preset styles and sizes to choose from that work for your cargo protection needs. Such styles include:

Besides tarps, we also carry additional tarp accessories used to protect, repair, and secure tarps to any type of trailer:

  • Tarp Straps: Designed with rubber and fitted with wire S-hooks on both ends, our rubber tarp straps work to secure any type of tarp to your trailer. We carry both natural rubber and EPDM rubber tarp straps to accommodate both cold and hot climates and working environments.
  • Tarp Repair KitsYour tarp needs a minor patch? Our repair kits make it incredibly easy to patch it up using vinyl cement for the easy repair you need.
  • Corner ProtectorsCorner protectors and Vee Boards provide a cheap alternative to protecting your tarp from tearing on sharp cargo corners, as well as the cargo itself. Cargo can sometimes snag the overlain tarp, pulling on it and cutting into the material. This especially happens when other tie downs tug on the tarp even more.
  • Flatbed Starter KitsGet everything you need in an all-in-one package. From straps to repair kits, to transport chain and corner protectors, our starter kits make using a tarp incredibly simple for you.

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Talk with our product experts over questions you have any truck & transportation products we carry by calling (866) 444-9990 or emailing We are ready to help you get what you want, when you need it.

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