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creating custom chain slings from us cargo control

How US Cargo Control Creates High-Quality Custom Chain Slings

Chain slings, also known as lifting slings, lifting chain or hoist chain, are ideal lifting and rigging tools used to hoist up items that other types of slings wouldn't be able to do. They are more durable, can handle high-temperature items and environments, and lift heavy or odd-shaped cargo. Different chain grades offer different advantages and work best in certain applications.

While there are many different lengths and size options to choose from, U.S. Cargo Control also offers high-quality custom chain slings that we make in-house to fit your specific lifting and rigging requirements. Our team members work diligently to provide our customers with these expertly-assembled products and have them shipped over in no time.

Learn more on how our team members create high-quality custom chain slings.

How Are Custom Chain Slings Made?

Once custom orders arrive and our team of experts work with customers to come up with their final mock-ups, then our warehouse members get to work on creating these slings.


This begins by gathering all of the necessary components, including the size and brand of chain, end fittings, WLL tags, and additional parts. The chain is pre-cut and laid out to its specific length (this is repeated depending on how many legs are specified in the order). Then, the warehouse members secure the end fittings on each side of the chain(s). All WLL tags for U.S. Cargo Control products are made in-house and contain specifications for the custom sling. These attach at the oblong hook, or the top end fitting.

After that, our team members assemble the sling according to the requirements from the custom order. (Watch our Manufacturing Production Associate Joan Schultz gives us a glimpse of how these custom slings are assembled.)

Testing Strength & Safety

Our chain slings undergo lifting tests to verify its working load limit and breaking strength determined on the safety tag. We test all of our products at U.S. Cargo Control, standard or custom, to ensure safe usage by our customers. Besides our lifting slings, we also test our tie down straps and tarps in a similar fashion.

Once we complete our testing, our runner performs a final quality control check before sending off the order for packaging. Then, we ship your customized chain sling to your address!

How to Order Custom Chain Slings

USCC warehouse member cutting chain for custom sling

Our custom chain sling request form makes creating your one-of-a-kind sling easy to do. Just follow the form by first filling our your contact information, which includes your name, email, phone number, and shipping address. Then, build your own sling by choosing which chain grade you want - Grade 100 or Grade 120 - as well as your preferred brand of chain, which includes domestic chain (Crosby), import chain (KWB), or Grade 120 chain (Pewag).

After that, then you can choose the number of legs on your sling, chain diameter, chain length, end fittings, and quantity of your order. If you need to specify more details about your chain, then fill out the "Other Notes" box listed at the end of the form for our team members. Once everything looks good to go, then click Submit.

Our team experts receive orders and contact our customers to verify their orders, clarify any questions or concerns they listed, and pinpoint the final design of their custom chain slings. The manufacturing team is dedicated to assembling not only high-quality slings, but accurately customized slings that includes every little detail. 

Other Lifting Sling Options

U.S. Cargo Control offers two main types of chain slings: standard and adjustable slings. Our adjustable slings include components that allow you to shorten the length of your sling for different applications. 

We also offer other types of lifting slings made from heavy duty material, including nylon slings, polyester round slings, wire rope slings, and high performance round slings. If you don't know which type of sling material you need, then check out our comparison of different lifting slings to see which material works best for your applications.

Safe Usage of Chain Slings

man fitting a chain sling

Our concern for safety is of the utmost importance when making our chain slings. We create these products with high-quality material and test them thoroughly and rigorously to give our customers peace of mind when using them. That being said, we strongly encourage our customers to follow safety guidelines and other protocols when using chain slings to lift heavy cargo, including:

  • Using slings within posted working load limits
  • Distribute cargo loads evenly when lifting
  • Properly clean and inspect hooks 

Learn more about chain sling safety tips, or read up on OSHA's Guidance on Safe Sling Use for more information.

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Our team is ready to help get you the quality products you need. Call or email our team experts at (866) 444-9990 or and they will make sure you get what you want, when you need it.

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