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Chain Slings & Lifting Chains
Grade 120 Chain Slings

Grade 120 Chain Slings

Chain slings and lifting slings are ideal for applications when extra strength and durability is required. Not only are chain slings more durable, temperature tolerant, and cut resistant than nylon web slings or polyester round slings, there are also options for chain rigging slings to be adjustable and customized.

Grade 120 Chain Slings

Chain slings manufactured in a grade 120 chain offer the highest strength available on the market, making them excellent for heavy-duty lifting applications. Grade 120 chain is the strongest chain available in the industry. It features a revolutionary square link design that offers superior fatigue and bending resistance compared to a traditional round link chain.

G120 chain is 50% stronger than Grade 80 chain and 20% stronger than Grade 100 chain. The added strength allows the user to select a smaller chain size for the job that’s lighter in weight and easier to handle – all without sacrificing working load limits. The increased strength and weight reduction makes grade 120 lifting chain ideal for slings.

Our Grade 120 chain comes from Pewag, an industry leader in quality chain products. All G120 chain features a light blue powder coating for superior corrosion protection and as easy identification. We offer a variety of different Grade 120 options including; bulk chains in drums and by the foot, G120 fittings, tie-down assemblies, chain binders, and chain and binder sets.

Chain Sling Types

There are two main types of lifting slings: standard and adjustable. Both options allow the user to customize the sling to suit their specific lifting application. Choose from several options including the number of legs, length of the chain, and type of end fitting. Custom options are also available. Please contact our sales team for more information on custom chain slings.
  • Standard Chain Sling – has a fixed-length of Grade 120 Chain and is sold in single, two, three, and four leg configurations. You have your choice of hooks: grab hook, sling hook, self-locking hook, and oblong master link.
  • Adjustable Chain Sling – can be designed with the same leg configuration as a standard sling but an additional fitting allows the user to adjust the length (shorter) of the chain.

Maximum Working Load Limits (all ratings in pounds)

*Retains 100% of work load limit at -40 to 570°F (not for temperatures over 570°F)

How is the reach of lifting chains calculated?

A chain sling’s reach is the measured length from the load-bearing point on the sling’s master link to the load-bearing point on the opposite end when the sling is pulled taut.

Proof Testing

All our grade 120 chain lifting slings are proof tested to 2x the vertical limit. Each has a metal tag attached with rated capacity information. A printed certificate is also included at no extra cost. Our chain meets or exceeds the latest guidelines of the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM), ANSI B30.9 standards and OSHA specifications.

Grade 100 Chain Slings

We also carry a wide selection of Grade 100 Chain Slings and offer two trusted brands of lifting chain slings for you to choose from.


Not sure which type of chain lifting sling is right for your application? Our knowledgeable product experts are here and ready to help answer any product questions or assist with placing an order. Don’t forget – we also do custom orders!