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Best Ways to Use Sound Blankets: How to Use Acoustic Blankets

Sound blankets, also known as sound-absorbing or acoustic blankets, are incredibly versatile tools that provide sound dampening attributes as well as heavy-duty protection for items like furniture, appliances, and other bulky equipment during a move. These products truly work at reducing sound coming into one space from another. But how effective are sound blankets, really? And which places should they be used?

Read on to learn why investing in sound blankets can be a great decision, as well as our list of the best ways to use them.

Why Use Sound Absorbing Moving Blankets?

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When it comes to soundproofing rooms, many people remain skeptical about using sound blankets to complete this job. While they don't eliminate noise completely, sound blankets work by reducing noise significantly for places like your home, office, studio, and garage. Plus, they offer an array of benefits beyond sound reduction:

    • Versatility: Sound blankets are designed to be used in a wide range of applications. Each acoustic blanket from U.S. Cargo Control comes with pre-made grommets sewn into the material for easy hanging. This allows for the blanket to be used along walls, windows, curtains, and as makeshift dividers for larger spaces.

    • Cost-Effective: Sound blankets are generally more affordable than permanent soundproofing solutions such as acoustic panels or wall treatments. They offer a cost-effective way to improve the acoustics of a room or address noise issues without significant expenses.

    • Easy to Install: Regardless of how these blankets are used, installing them is a straightforward process. Hang them up, fasten them to walls and ceilings, or lay them down on the floor to help mitigate noise. They are compatible with S-Hooks to easily hang them up. Unlike more complex soundproofing solutions, sound blankets set up quickly and without professional assistance. Plus, you can easily move them out of the space and into a different one if needed.

    • High-Quality: Each blanket consists of a woven cotton/polyester shell around a cotton batting for ultimate noise absorption. Thicker than other blankets, and considered to be a heavy-duty version of the Supreme Moving Blanket, this adds durability for moving protection as well as fantastic sound barrier for noise.

Overall, sound blankets are the best choice for reducing noise or sound on a budget. Their ease of setting up, as well as their versatility and durability as a blanket, makes them a popular variety for many customers.

The question remains: where can sound blankets be used? Below are some great examples of where to place your high-quality sound blankets.

Best Ways to Use Sound Blankets

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1. Garages/Shops

Sound blankets are the perfect product for those who enjoy working noisily on projects in their garages or workshops. Working with power tools transmits plenty of noise, and for those especially within close proximity, they tend to send of ear-shattering frequencies. Hanging these blankets over doorways and windows will reduce the amount of shrieking sound and absorb echoing from these confined spaces.

2. Home Recording Studios

In recording studios, sound blankets work to create a sound-isolated space for vocals and instruments during recording sessions. By hanging these products around the microphone or the entire room, you can reduce unwanted reflections and ambient noise, resulting in cleaner and better-sounding recordings.

3. Laundry Rooms

If your home washing machine and dryer are getting too loud and rickety when you do your laundry, then try using these blankets to absorb the noise. Hang them over your doorways or, if your feeling ambitious, lay them underneath the units as a layer of protection from the constant clanking. Be careful moving these large appliances, however.

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music stands set up for concert in school gym

4. Gymnasiums

Sound carries significantly throughout gym spaces, with their solid surfaces bouncing noise all throughout. Putting up blankets can help reduce the amount of sharp sound piercing throughout the area. They can also temporarily be used in these spaces for events like band concerts and festivals where musical instruments will be used.

5. Music Rooms

Speaking of band concerts, another place for schools to use sound blankets is for their music room. These places most likely have permanent sound panels already installed throughout the room's interior. However, these blankets work great when draped over doors, windows, and other areas where sound tends to leak out.

6. Industrial Areas and Manufacturing Plants

Lastly, manufacturing plants and other factory settings tend to get pretty loud when operating machines. Most of the time, these blankets hang around noisy equipment like compressors, generators, and other appliances that leak sound very easily.


Sound Blankets & Other Moving Blankets

When it comes to sound absorption or providing protection for your furniture during a move, U.S. Cargo Control offers some of the highest-quality moving blankets out there. Each moving blanket (minus our moving skins) are constructed with a durable fabric wrapped around a cotton batting that serves as a soft layer of protection for any scuffs, scrapes, dents, and even abrasions during a move. Available individually or in packs, there are plenty of moving pads to choose from based on their qualities, benefits, and user-specific needs.

We offer two different sizes of sound blankets for our customers: our 

Our moving blankets and furniture pads come in three categories of quality: Good, Better, and Best. Each category contains its own advantages and uses depending on how much the customer plans on investing, as well as what items need to be protected. The standard size of our moving blankets is 72" x 80". However, we also offer custom moving blankets that cater to your specific needs.

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