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differences between moving blankets

How to Choose the Perfect Moving Blankets for Your Needs

Gear up for moving season with high-quality moving blankets from US Cargo Control.


Moving season is here and that means between now and September, an estimated 32 million people in the United States will be packing up and headed somewhere new. However, the majority of moves will happen in June, July, and August.


Now is your chance to get ahead of the game by stocking up on moving supplies like our popular moving blankets and pads that have including furniture storage, pet bedding, and outdoor recreation.


No matter what you need blankets for, US Cargo Control has you covered. Check out Lacy's short video below to find out how to select the ideal blankets to match your needs and your budget.



Moving Blankets 101


Moving Blanket Basics


Most of our blankets and moving pads are the standard 72" x 80" size. All of our blankets are stitched in a chevron pattern and have recycled cotton fiber filling. This also causes the weight of a blanket on a "per-dozen" basis, and the very heaviest blanket we sell is our Mover at 95-pounds/dozen.



Woven vs. Non-Woven Blankets


This refers to the material of the body and the binding of the blanket. Woven blankets are more durable because they are threaded while non-woven blankets are pressed and heated.



"Good" Blankets


These economical blankets are great for limited use and range in weight from 43-pounds/dozen to 65-pounds/dozen. They also have a non-woven body and non-woven binding.




"Better" Blankets


These mid-range blankets can withstand repeated use. This is because the blanket has a woven body with non-woven binding. The weight of blankets in our "Better" category also range from 65-pounds/dozen to 85-pounds/dozen.




"Best" Blankets


These are our most durable and high-quality blankets. They range from 75-pounds/dozen to 95-pounds/dozen and feature a woven body with woven binding. These moving blankets can be machine washed without damaging the integrity of the blanket.




Lightweight Moving Pads & Skins


We also have moving pads that are just 26-pounds/dozen. These are great for single use moves and light-duty shipping. Lacy has more information on these economical moving pads in the video below.


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