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miniature forklift hoisting up red heard on a small pallet

10 Cargo Control Items Loved by Our Customers (2023 Edition)

miniature forklift hoisting up red heard on a small pallet

It's the season for lovin', and to celebrate Valentine's Day, we at US Cargo Control want to showcase our most-loved cargo control items and equipment reviewed by our customers.

We assessed all of our online product reviews from over the past 12 months and put together a list for our top-rated products ranking backwards, starting at 10 and ending at 1. Our team wanted to give our love and appreciation to those who have loved and appreciated our company and products over this past year.

So, without further ado, here is our list of the most-loved cargo control items:

Top 10 Most-Loved Cargo Control Items

yellow ratchet straps with e-track fittings

10. 2" x 12' Yellow E-Track Ratchet Straps w/ Spring E-Fittings | 4' Fixed End

Our ratchet straps from US Cargo Control come in many different sizes, made with a durable polyester webbing. But specifically, our 2" x 12' Yellow E-Track Ratchet Straps w/ Spring E-Fittings seems to be one our top-selling ratchet straps, let alone one of our top-selling cargo control items. These straps snap to any E-Track rail available on flatbed trailers or enclosed vans and work to keep cargo secure and in place during transit.

Here's what one of our customers had to say about this product: 

"[I] bought this as a personal use item as I often have trouble getting decent ones to use on my job. It's a simple device that does the job for which it is designed. I am very satisfied with them and with the service of Cargo Control."

image of a wheel with the tow dolly basket wrapped around it with a white backdrop.

9. Tow Dolly Basket w/ Flat Hooks

The next spot on the list belongs to our Tow Dolly Basket w/ Flat Hooks. Designed to secure a vehicle to a tow dolly trailer, these straps adjust to fit around the wheel of the vehicle and attach the flat hooks to the tow side of the dolly trailer.

Customers love these tow dolly straps for their industrial grade polyester webbing that's water- and shrink-resistant and withstands forces up to 12,000 lbs., keeping your vehicle in place at all times on the trailer. 


image of stainless steel single stud fitting for L-Track with a round ring

8. Single Stud Fitting w/ Round Ring - Stainless Steel

L-Track stud fittings, also known as airline track fittings, are designed to create tie down points anywhere along the L-Track. As one of the simplest and universally-used accessory, the Stainless Steel Single Stud Fitting w/ Round Ring gives you the ability to create these points and secure a wide range of cargo, from pallets to vehicles to machinery.

One of the reviews on this product state:

"I've seen some cheaper version of these but also cheaper quality. Ordered from US Cargo because of good pricing and these are of good quality as well. Shipped was quick."

image of a 4-pack of side mount wheel nets with ratchet and flat hooks

7. Side Mount Wheel Net w/ Ratchet and Flat Hook - 4-Pack

Next, we have our 4-Pack Side Mount Wheel Nets w/ Ratchet and Flat Hooks. Similarly to tow dolly straps, wheel nets drape over the ties and and can be attached to any existing track on flatbed or enclosed trailers to keep vehicles in place during transit. We've had rave reviews about these products:

"Heavy duty rachets and straps, beefier than 10k rachet straps I used in the military. Plenty of stap left over on my 18ft car hauler after securing my truck. Great form fit and function."

Another customer wrote:

"Although imported, I was hoping for USA made, the straps were good quality and worked well. Plenty of strap to fit over the 37” tires on my Jeep. Purchased set of four and used them to haul our Jeep 2000 miles on a recent trip. Straps worked well, held tight and needed no readjustment throughout our trip. I would buy them again if I found I needed more. Quick delivery as well."

We offer different styles of wheel net for your setup, including:


image of two red ratchet chain binders with two grab hooks each.

6. Ratchet Chain Binder 5/16"-3/8" (2 Pack)

We get why our 5/16-3/8" Ratchet Chain Binder 2-Pack offering made the list - not only do these these cargo control items work great at tightening transport chain down over your cargo, but you get TWO in one offering. These products feature a ratcheting handle that stores little energy to prevent snapback or recoiling during the tightening process. 

One customer writes:

"I bought this Ratchet Chain Binder set from this website due to the reason it was priced less than on their websites and compared to some stores I had visited. I was sketchy to see how long they would take to arrive and if there would be any defects with the product but I was not disappointed. They came earlier than expected and in great shape. Very satisfied with this purchase."

image of a blue corner protector for cargo

5. Corner Protector - Blue

Our blue corner protectors are resilient cargo control items that protect crates and pallets from tight straps. Designed with raised edges to keep up to 4" wide webbing in place, you can rest assured that your cargo won't be damaged from overtightening. Just ask our customers - many of whom bought multiple blue corner protectors for their cargo!



 image of e-track tie down with round ring attachment

4. E-Track Tie Down w/ Round Ring - Heavy Duty

At number four is our E-Track Tie Down w/ Round Ring cargo control item. This 2" spring e-fitting is incredibly durable, with a working load limit up to 2,000 lbs., and is compatible with both E-Track and A-Track lines. The heavy-duty round ring component also creates a durable attachment point for tie down straps and works in tangent with them to secure your cargo.

One review says: 

"I use these to tie down my Polaris Turbo S4 ATV. The flexibility of the e-track system and these heavy duty rings is awesome and compliments my built in D-rings."

image of a horizontal e-track that is gray painted and 8 feet long

3. 8' Horizontal E-Track Gray Painted

Starting our "top 3" most-loved cargo control items is our 8' Horizontal Gray Painted E-Track. Made with a high-strength steel and covered with an electrostatically-applied gray powder coat, this E-Track rail provides durability, versatility, and a refined finish for both protection and aesthetic purposes.

Here's what someone had to say about our product:

"Having used E-Track in our Kart Race trailers before I knew I would need some to install in my newest smaller trailer. USCC offers great pricing and very fast reliable delivery. We welded our E-Track horizontal in the kart trailer as we have done before. The strength of the E-Track is not only great for load capacity but it strengthens the trailer canopy as well!"

image of a large black moving blanket folded up

2. Moving Blanket - Large 80" x 96" Sound Blanket

In second place, we have the 80" x 96" Large Moving Blanket, one of our fan-favorite cargo control items in the moving blankets category. We manufacture our sound blankets with woven cotton/polyester blend and wrap it around a sheet of 100% recycled cotton filler for ultimate sound absorption. This moving blanket also features nine grommets to hang it up and block out sound.

Regardless of how these blankets are applied, they work to block out noise and are easy to manage. One of our customers wrote in his review of the product: 

"This is the second time I have ordered Cargo Control moving blankets for sound absorption. they are super easy to hang with the grommets and soak up the extraneous noise in my studio. I walk in and immediately feel the difference in sound pressure in my ears. Thank you Cargo Control!"

image of galvanized horizontal e-track that is 8 feet long

1. Galvanized 8' Horizontal E-Track

Finally, our number one most-loved cargo control item from this past year belongs to the Galvanized 8' Horizontal E-Track. Similarly to our third entry on this list, galvanized E-Tracks can be placed anywhere along a trailer or van to create an easy and consistent attachment rail for E-Track straps and fittings. The only difference, however,  is the G-90 hot dipped galvanized finish, which makes it more resistant to corrosion.

Our customers have spoken, and the ease and versatility of using this product makes it number one:

"I like them a lot. I like the adjustability they offer and they're very sturdy."

"Rails installed without a problem. I have started to load and strap down my load and it feels like everything is being held very well."

"The E Track and quick latch hardware is high quality. Just exactly what we were needing."


Thank You Customers!

Lastly, we want to say thank you to everyone whose reviews we used in this article, as well as everyone else who provided us with honest reviews of our products. Your feedback continues to our team improve upon our products and make our offerings much better for our customers each and every day. We continue to strive toward our goal of getting what you want, when you need it.

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