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a guide to moving blankets and furniture pads

Moving Blankets & Furniture Pads: A Guide

Safeguard furniture and other items during the moving process with versatile moving blankets and furniture pads.

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What are Moving Blankets & Furniture Pads?

Moving blankets (also known as furniture pads) are a moving essential, whether you are a moving company that helps thousands of families / businesses move each year or a homeowner getting ready to move into a new house.

These blankets are thick cloth covers used during the moving process to protect your belongings or the belongings of your customers. They help to prevent scratches, nicks, and other damage that can occur while moving furniture and other objects around the house, as well as during transport.

What are Furniture Blankets for Moving Used For?

Moving blankets can protect a wide variety of objects, including furniture, appliances, flooring, walls, doors, and more. They prevent damage during a move – the padding covers any potential points of contact between the items and the remaining furniture, building, or truck. They can also act as shock absorbers.

Another benefit of using a furniture pad is that they keep items clean. If there is dust or other debris present in the moving truck, this will prevent material transfer.

They also work for storage – simply wrap the furniture in a protective blanket to help prevent mishaps and keep your furniture in good condition until you need it again.

Note: Due to the use of colored material in the construction of this blanket, we do not recommend it for use when moving light colored furniture.

Are Sound Blankets Different?

Moving blankets do not dampen sound. If you are looking for an effective solution to reduce the noisy hustle and bustle of your neighborhood, muffle the sounds of your washer, or lessen the impact of your son’s garage band practice, consider a sound blanket.

They are engineered to absorb sounds and even include grommets for easy hanging.

Our sound blankets are made with a 100% recycled cotton filler, surrounded by a woven cotton/polyester shell.

How to Use Moving Blankets

Most moving blankets have two differently colored sides. Usually, the lighter side should face the furniture, while the darker side should face out.

The standard way to use furniture pads is to gently place the blanket over the item you want to move. Depending on the size of the item, you may need multiple blankets.

Once your blanket is in place, make sure it stays there by using either moving rubber bands or . This has the added benefit of securing loose or adjustable furniture parts, such as drawers. If these are not secure, they can get in the way during the move or fall off and get lost. 

Moving soon? Get some moving quick tips.

How to Wrap Furniture with Moving Blankets

Another option is choosing a furniture pad shaped to cover a specific item. Our furniture covers consist of the same material as our Performance moving blankets. These products fit the standard items found in most homes:

Other options specifically designed to protect the home include a door cover, banister cover, and door jamb protector.

Utility Blanket Accessories

Moving blankets work best when used in combination with other moving accessories. In addition to the moving rubber bands and the stretch wrap discussed above, there are many other tools that can help make your job easier.

Furniture Lifting Straps

Furniture lifting straps help redistribute the weight of heavy furniture from your neck and back to your arms and legs. They also help to free up your hands to guide the furniture as you move.

Furniture Moving Dollies

Temporarily mounting a sofa or mini fridge on wheels is a great way to simplify the transportation process. It makes them much easier to move and limits the amount of time you have to spend lifting the item.

Floor Protectors

Make it easy to protect carpet, laminate, tile, hardwood, and other flooring with neoprene floor protectors. Just cut out the applicable size (something as lightweight as household scissors will do) and apply where needed. They have a non-adhesive backing – meaning you don’t have to worry about sticky residues – and are reusable!

How to Choose a Moving Blanket

The three main features you should look at in a furniture pad are fabric type, binding type, and blanket weight. 

To make it easier for you to decide which option is right for you, we’ve sorted our blankets into categories based on these features: Good, Better, and Best.

All three styles have a zig-zag pattern to prevent snags from growing.

What are the Best Moving Blankets?

The best blankets are made of machine-washable woven cotton/polyester that's snag- and tear-resistant. They have a woven polyester binding and provide superior protection, making them the perfect choice for high-value items, such as antiques or heirlooms.

If you do a lot of moving, these heavy-duty blankets are the right choice for you. Wash these moving blankets and reuse them over and over again.

  • Supreme blankets are ultra-heavy-weight and the most durable option (95 lbs/dozen)
  • Pro Mover blankets have a cotton batting that’s thicker than most other options for better shock absorption (82 lbs/dozen)
  • Performance blankets are considered mid-weight but are still high quality (75 lbs/dozen)

Better Furniture Pads

While better moving blankets are also reusable, they are not washable. You can spot clean them if necessary.

They are made from a combination of non-woven or woven polyester fibers that offer some tear-resistance. The binding is non-woven polyester.

  • Mega Movers are actually heavier than the Pro Mover and Performance blankets, but the polyester fabric makes it a cheaper option (85 lbs/dozen)
  • Preferred Mover blankets are a value-priced alternative to the Best options and are similar in weight to the Performance blankets (78 lbs/dozen)
  • Multi Mover is durable enough for multiple uses (75 lbs/dozen)
  • Camo blankets are a big favorite of hunters and campers because the design makes them perfect for outdoor activities after the move (65 lbs/dozen)

Limited-Use Good Blankets

Good blankets are our economy option. This style is made from non-woven polyester with a non-woven polyester binding. It’s the least resistant to snags and tears and is non-washable.

Moving Skins

These are ideal for one-time uses such as packing. They are made from recycled cotton and don’t have an outer shell.

Learn more about choosing the right blanket for you

What are Moving Blankets Made Out Of? 

Standard furniture pad materials are polyester, cotton, or some combination of the two, either woven or non-woven. The right material for you depends on your application.

Cotton/polyester blends offering better, thicker padding. They can also be washed, making them reusable. This material also has better durability than the other options, since it is more resistant to snags and tears.

Blankets made from a combination of non-woven and woven polyester fibers are considered medium-duty. They cannot be washed but hold up fairly well and are tear-resistant.

Looking for a limited-use option? Choose a blanket made from just non-woven polyester. It will get the job done, but you might snag the blanket or potentially tear it during your job.

Can Your Blankets be Washed?

It depends on the blanket material. The only blankets we offer considered machine-washable by the manufacturer are those from our Best collection. They are made from a cotton/polyester blend. However, machine-drying is not recommended.

Interested in how they hold up after being washed? We tried putting all of our blankets through the washer and dryer – learn the results

Sizing and Weight

The standard blanket size is 72” x 80”, which is large enough to cover many household items.

Generally speaking, the better the blanket quality is, the higher the weight. This is because better-quality fabrics tend to weigh more. They also have thicker batting, which allows them to be more effective at absorbing shocks.

Learn more about our furniture pads in our Moving Blankets 101 video:

Custom Blankets

Custom furniture pads that incorporate your company logo are beneficial in a number of ways.

First, they allow you to create the perfect blanket for your application. You can choose the color, fabric, size, weight, and binding options.

Secondly, they can boost your professional image by showing you are invested in your business.

Thirdly, they help with loss prevention. If your company name is on the blanket, it can act as a deterrent to those who may otherwise decide to keep it.

Learn more about the custom ordering process

What to do with Old Moving Blankets

If what to do with your moving blankets after the move is what’s holding you back from making your purchase, never fear! There are plenty of alternative uses.

Over the years, our customers have given us a lot of great ideas for post-move blanket use:

  • Beach blanket
  • Yoga mat
  • Vehicle seat cover for pets
  • Camping

If none of these options sound good to you, you can also donate them!

Stock Up on Blankets Today!

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We also have a handy moving checklist that will help you prepare for your big day!

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