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Consider Donating Used Moving Blankets

Consider Donating Used Moving Blankets

Your move is done. Woof. What a relief. But now you have several used moving blankets on your hands. Some people find alternative uses for them, anything and everything from camping to pet care.

Even though there are other uses for blankets besides moving, you've decided you're done with them and want them out of your house, garage or storage shed. What's next?

Donate Blankets to Charity

Consider donating your blankets to a cause or organization you're passionate about. For example, several organizations have contacted US Cargo Control asking if we can or are able to donate used blankets to a variety of non-profit organizations.

We've received inquires from animal shelters, children's organizations, churches and even museums. While we do help several charities, including organizations like Move For Hunger, we typically do not have used blankets readily available to donate. However, you may.

We suggest calling around to some of the non-profits in your area and inquiring about their needs. Remember, moving blankets can be used for moving.

Are you considering calling an animal shelter? Then use these blankets for pet bedding. What about an area Boy Scout troop? They could use them for camping. Maybe a homeless shelter? Then these blankets could provide additional padding or cushion. What about a church? Officials may have use for them, or are aware of a non-profit or family that is moving and could benefit from the blankets. For example, The Salvation Army and Goodwill are other large organizations always seeking donations and are willing to take a variety of items.

There are plenty of opportunities to help. It might just require a little investigating.

Learn more about moving blankets with our moving blankets and furniture pads.

Need help finding a place to donate these blankets? Call us at (877) 923-0349 or email and our experts will help you out!

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