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Moving Blankets- Not Just for Moving Anymore

Moving Blankets- Not Just for Moving Anymore

Moving blankets are one of our specialties at US Cargo Control. With everything from lightweight “Skins” to our heavy-duty “Supreme” professional moving blankets, we know a lot about these moving day must-haves.

But we’re learning from our customers that moving blankets come in handy even after you’ve settled in your new home:

Moving Blanket for Heavy Objects

USCC customer Tom in Iowa tells us he and a buddy had to move a heavy safe from one room in his house to another. They were able to put a Supreme moving blanket underneath, and slide it to its new spot. The blanket’s strength held up under the weight while the padding protected both the floor and safe from scratches.

Moving Beach Blanket, Picnic Blanket, Other Outdoor Sporting Events

Our lightweight Econo Saver moving pad measures a generous 72"x80"… much larger than typical beach blankets or picnic blankets. And at just $10.99, it’s an economical choice too. Keep one or two in the car and you'll be ready for the next kids' sporting events, too. Watching a pee wee soccer game is much more comfortable when you don't have to deal with scratchy grass or hard bleachers!


Lugging along a cot or inflatable mattress is not always convenient when camping with a tent. However, a moving blanket like our Mega Mover is totally portable. According to USCC customer Amy, the best part is that it can do double duty. For example, you can place it under a sleeping bag for an extra layer of cushion, or snuggle under one near the campfire when the temperatures dip.

Yoga Mat

Fitness fanatic Jessica forgot her yoga mat at the gym. However, she was able to improvise for a yoga session at home thanks to a Performance moving blanket she had on hand after the move to her new house.

Moving Blanket as a Vehicle Seat Cover for Pets

If your family dog goes along for the ride and leaves dirt and hair behind, then try covering it in a Multi Mover blanket. The green and light blue color combination doesn’t highlight the mess like a black blanket can, and the durability stands up to even the biggest, busiest pooches.

Warm Up an Outdoor Doghouse, Barn, or Shed

Just as our Multi Mover blankets work well for pets in the vehicle, pick up a dozen bundle if you have pets or small animals outside. Line the inside of a doghouse or barn pen to give your fury friends a layer of warmth underneath. A USCC customer said he uses them in the corner of a shed for his outdoor cats in the winter.

Hunting Trips

Camo anything is a given on a hunting trip. Having over 36 square feet of camouflage that’s flexible and moveable can be valuable- use it in a duck blind window, to cover supplies on the ground, on a tree stand- the possibilities are endless. Like all of our moving blankets, they are available in dozen bundles, 4-packs or sold as singles so you can buy just what you need.

Making a Soundproof Music Room

USCC customer Craig put our Supreme blankets to work in his basement music room. The thickness is excellent at absorbing sound. This is good for better sound quality and less echo when his band is rehearsing, as well as cutting down on the noise from traveling upstairs to the rest of the family.

Learn more about moving blankets with our handy guide to moving blankets and furniture pads.

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