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Which Moving Blanket Is Right For Me?

Which Moving Blanket Is Right For Me?

US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of moving blankets (also known as moving pads, furniture moving pads, and packing blankets) for consumers and moving professionals. There are three features that determine the quality of a moving blanket:

  • Weight of the blanket
  • The type of fabric used
  • The type of binding

The weight of a moving blanket determines its durability and amount of cushion protection it provides. Blankets are measured by weight, not volume, and are sold in compressed bulk packaging for easier shipping.

One dozen bundles of moving blankets are weighed as a unit, such as our Supreme moving blanket that weighs 95 pounds per dozen. On average, an individual Supreme moving blanket weighs approximately 8 pounds.

Moving blanket fabric is classified into three categories:

Non-Woven Polyester Fabric Moving Blankets

  • A durable, economical fabric choice for economy moving blankets and middle level moving blankets. The zig zag pattern helps prevent snags from becoming longer tears in the blanket.
  • Woven polyester woven means that strands of fabric are in a weave (criss cross pattern) for added strength and tear resistance.

Woven Polyester

Cotton-Polyester Blends

  • Cotton-polyester fabric blends are softer without sacrificing durability and offer even greater resistance to tearing than woven polyester alone.
  • Cotton-polyester moving blanket fabric is used in our best moving blankets such as our Performance moving blanket, and other professional quality moving blankets.

The binding of moving blankets is also an important consideration. The binding encompasses the entire blanket and makes the blanket more durable during use, handling and washing. Binding should be uniform, tightly stitched and free of rips and tears.

Note: If you intend to machine wash your blanket, it must have a woven binding.

Our lowest price moving blanket is our Skin moving blanket which is the moving blanket filler without fabric or binding. These cheap moving blankets are perfect for one-time use to protect valuables from scratches.

Don't forget to about our large rubber bands and our appliance lifting straps. Rubber bands for moving work great to hold moving blankets in place on furniture during transport. Our rubber bands come in four sizes:

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