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Most-Loved Practical US Cargo Control Gifts [Reviewed by Customers]

Most-Loved Practical US Cargo Control Gifts [Reviewed by Customers]

Most-Loved Practical US Cargo Control Gifts Reviewed By Customers

We’re less than a week away from Valentine’s Day, and that means time is running out to get your gifts for the practical person in your life. They may have said they don’t want or need anything, but they’ll appreciate a gift that will come handy for them.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a friend, or your significant other, read our list of the most functional and practical gifts that are highly loved by customers.

Gift Idea #1: High-Quality Tiedown Straps


A tiedown, whether it’s a ratchet strap, cam strap, or e-track, is a versatile item to have in your tool arsenal. They have many uses ranging from cargo securement, towing a car from a sticky situation, tying your ATV or motorcycle to your truck or trailer, and to use when moving valuables. With many uses, high-quality tiedowns are a no-brainer for the practical person in your life, and US Cargo Control has one of the largest selection of ratchet straps, cam straps, and heavy-duty tie downs that you’ll find anywhere.

1” x 15’ Rubber Coated Ratchet Strap with Vinyl Coated Wire Hooks


US Cargo Control ratchet strap with wire hooks on kayak to secure


Customer Review: “Best 1 Inch straps ever. Used last 5 years almost daily running a hot shot rig at a lumber yard in Ohio.” - Richard

1” x 15’ Black Endless Stainless Steel Thumb Ratchet


US Cargo Control endless ratchet straps to secure lumber


Customer Review: “Great product and a company with excellent pride in what they do. Hard to come these days! So far this is a great product, it was on time delivery and as promised. Thank you!” – Johnny 

Customer Review: I bought 2 of these straps to secure cargo on my boat. They are perfect for my needs and shipping was quick too.” – Ken

1” x 6’ Retractable Ratchet Strap with Vinyl Coated S-Hooks and Push Button Release


retractable ratchet straps with s hook to secure items


Customer Review: “These things are great! I have a small lawn mowing business and I'm always strapping and unstrapping the mowers. At the end of the day you'd be surprised at how much time is saved by simply pushing the return button and the strap snaps back into its body. I always rolled up the straps, so I didn't end up with a big snarled up mess of straps. No more, seconds later the straps are back in the toolbox ready for the next day. What a time saver.” – Douglas 

2” x 18’ Rollup Ratchet Strap with Double J Hook 

US Cargo Control rollup ratchet strap

Customer Review: “Best idea ever for straps. My employer bought these for our trailer. They are simple and awesome. Super easy and no lost straps. Makes you say I will never buy another ratchet strap again that doesn’t roll up. Best thing since sliced bread. Love them!” - Matt

Gift Idea #2: Heavy-Duty Tarps


Tarps like our lumber tarps, steel tarps, and machinery tarps are a lifesaving gift, and will be a valuable gift for the trucker who’s on the road year-round. Although our semi-truck tarps are known for use on semi-trucks, they can cover damaged areas or your house and protect your valuables such as boats and canoes. When extreme weather hits, our tarps will stand the test and protect your valuables or cargo against any harsh elements you may encounter, like rain, snow, wind, sun, and even road debris.

Heavy Duty Steel Tarp – 16’ x 27’ (4’ Drop-4-Sided) – 18oz


US Cargo Control Steel tarp on a flatbed


Customer Review: “Your tarp worked so well on my flatbed that I decided to get one to cover my pontoon!! - Lee

Customer Review: “Great tarp and was delivered in a couple days. Great service.” – Thomas A.

Heavy Duty Lumber Tarp – 20’ x 18’ (6’ Drop & Flap) – 18 oz. Black Tarp


US Cargo Control heavy duty lumber tarp on a flatbed


Customer Review: “Got me covered! I must say, this tarp is well made, very durable and the length is just right. I purchased 2 of them to cover up to 35' of cargo, and 1 is small enough for smaller loads.” – Randal T.

Heavy Duty Lumber Tarp – 16’ x 28’ (4’ Drop & Flap) – 18oz Black Tarp


US Cargo Control lumber tarp on flatbed


Customer Review: “Incredible tarp!!! I use for covering engineered lumber. They last many many times longer than the locally sourced tarps.” – Julian E.

Ratchet Chain Binders


Chain Binders are essential load securing equipment in the flatbed industry, and a highly practical gift for the trucker who’s driving for the long haul. They are load tensioning devices that will anchor down large cargo loads for transport, leaving the truckers without any worries if the cargo will get damaged of shifted. They’re commonly made of forged steel and feature grab hooks or other fittings – so you’ll never worry about quality.

3/8” – 1/2” CM® Ratchet Chain Binder


US Cargo Control CM Ratchet Chain Binder to secure cargo


Customer Review: “American Made! Excellent quality. Highly recommended. I've loaded these over the max and they hold tight. Never had a single problem.”

Grade 70 3/8” x 16’ Chain and Binder Kit

US Cargo Control Grade 70 5/16" x 16' Chain and Binder Kit


Customer Review: “Excellent products and service and the price blows everyone out of the water and free shipping!!! 100% happy customer. Ordered over the phone and they took great care of me and my needs. Definitely recommend to friends and family looking for their towing accessories.” – David F.

Gift Idea #3: Moving Blankets and Supplies


If you know someone in the moving industry or have a job that involves using a variety of cargo supply moving equipment, US Cargo Control has the moving equipment that will help you complete the job from start to finish. Having moving supplies like moving blankets, moving rubber bands, hand trucks, and E-Track Straps will help you succeed the moving job from start to finish.

Moving Blankets – Supreme Mover 12-Pack


US Cargo Control moving blankets for moving


Customer Review: “I recently completed upgraded my home, removing everything from floor to ceiling and had the interior professionally designed. The hardwood floors and area floor coverings/rugs are beautiful, but I also have 4 German Shepherds. I use the moving pads to protect the hardwood floors and wool rugs, bed, car seats, etc. and I am so pleased with these blankets! They’re just the right weight and thickness to protect, are good quality, and padded but not too bulky. Thank you, US Cargo Control, your description of the product online was exactly what arrived.” – Kris H.

Moving Blankets – Econo Saver 12-Pack

US Cargo Control econo mover moving blanket for moving

Customer Review: We purchased these to replace the pads given by uhaul. It was one of the best investments we gave made for our moving service! They are thick, high quality blankets, that I would recommend to everyone. 

Washer/Dryer & Oven Range Cover


US Cargo Control quilted washer and dryer cover for moving


Customer Review: “A robust, well built cover! These will protect your washer or dryer. These covers both worlds "strong and manageable" and they’re quite elegant too! Price is super great and a lot better than having scratches, dents in your expensive equipment. USCC covers will cover, protect and looks great too!” – Hector

42” Oversized Rubber Bands, 1 Dozen


US Cargo Control rubber moving bands

Customer Review: “Stretching for perfection! Always great, no failures, make moving a lot easier. I was really surprised to find a replacement package in the mail for one that got loss in shipment!” - Howard

Bonus US Cargo Control Products

Blue Corner Protectors 


US Cargo Control corner protector to protect tiedowns

Customer Review: Had my edge protectors for a few years now. Tough little suckers, resilient. I like them. Lost a few though, just bought more :) – Daniel S.

Customer Review: “Very handy, beats folding up cardboard for softeners. The raised edges keep the straps from sliding off as well.” – Lambo

93” Aluminum Shoring Beam with Flat Latch Release – Extends to 103”


US Cargo Control shoring load bar

Customer Review: “It is a great product. Definitely help keep my cargo from moving. I like it better than the straps when given the choice to use either or. I will recommend it to anyone I know in the trucking industry.” – Claude T. 

Transport Chain Grade 70 3/8” x 16’ Standard Link


US Cargo Control Transport Chain Grade 70 3/8" x 16' Standard Link

Customer Review: “Saved enough $$ to buy a great steak dinner! Just what I needed to safely haul a tractor and attachments at an awesome price!!! And A++ service too!” - Bob

Galvanized Turnbuckle – Hook & Hook ½” x 12

US Cargo Control galvanized turnbuckles

Customer Review: “Here in the Sunshine State aka Hurricane Headquarters we needed strong turnbuckle to install our backyard sunshade sails. We initially tried some small turnbuckles we got from Amazon but that turned out to be a mistake and waste of time and money. I stumbled across US Cargo Control and was glad I did. This turnbuckle buckle is so strong I have no doubt that my shade sail is secure.” Lakeya C.


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