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Ways to Use a Neoprene Floor Runner for Non-Movers

5 Ways to Use Neoprene Floor Runners (for Non-Movers)

neoprene floor runner blue

Neoprene floor runners work great at keeping your home floors protected and clean during the moving process. They make for easy usage, store away nicely, weigh little to nothing, and also stick to any type of flooring - linoleum, vinyl, carpet, laminate, wood, etc. - thanks to its non-adhesive backing that keeps it in place. 

However, did you know you can use them for more than just moving?

Yes, there are so many other ways to utilize neoprene floor runners. Read on to learn about 5 simple ways to apply these products in your everyday lives: 

5 Ways to Use Neoprene Floor Runners

mud room of a home

1. Mud Room

The mud room of your home receives a lot of foot traffic - especially dirty foot traffic that tracks in mud, dirt, water, gravel, and other debris. As a result, this accumulates on your floor and causes it to slowly deteriorate. While this room, by its namesake, generally accepts this kind of mess, keeping your mud room clean and protecting your floors can be quite a challenge.

By laying a neoprene floor runner down in this room, you reduce the amount of debris gathering and eating away at your floor. You can also pick up the runner if it has any dirt on it and beat it outside like you would any other rug runner.

Moreover, this runner cleans easily by wiping dirt, dust or mud away with a damp wash cloth. Forget the namesake - keep things in your mud room nice and tidy for your visitors when they arrive!


home renovation indoors

2. Construction or Renovation

If you work in carpentry, or you want to do a home renovation project yourself, then having a floor runner handy helps prevent you from accidentally damaging your floors.

Carpenters typically use them to haul in heavy items and equipment using hand trucks or moving dollies. However, when they work on things indoors, they also use them to set power tools on such as circular saws, drills, and nail guns. Without a runner, these products are vulnerable to scuffing and marks on your floors before the renovation is even over!

Or say your home renovation project involves painting. By laying a neoprene floor runner down below where you want to paint, you prevent any spills or stains destroying your carpet or other flooring.

inside of a machine shed

3. Workshop or Shed

Throw a neoprene floor runner down in your shed, garage, or workshop! No matter what type of floor you have in there, even if it's concrete, these runners prevent any spills from items like oil or hydraulic fluid from permanently staining your floor.

They cling just as easily to the floor as they would anywhere else, so no more worrying about slipping or falling. Lay these down at your shop's door, along your work bench, or wherever you see fit.

girl sitting in an office lobby on her phone

4. Lobby

This sounds far-fetched, but putting one of our floor runners in your lobby works as nice as any other rug. Plus, you can choose the right color floor runner to match the rest of your space.

With lots of foot traffic going through one space, normal carpets sometimes flip up and cause people to trip. Neoprene floor runners, however, don't do this and stick to the floor nice and flat so people can walk through and haul items inside, worry-free from tripping.

using floor runner as a shelf liner beneath the sink

5. Miscellaneous - Cut Pieces

Have leftover floor runner? These products cut easily to whatever size you need to fit in whatever space necessary. That doesn't always mean your floor's surface area. If you want to get really creative, then neoprene floor runners apply to almost everything and serve as uses for a number of things. Plus, if you're nimble with a needle, the neoprene fabric can be sewn.

Try using neoprene floor runners in the following ways:

  • Shelf Liner
  • Stairway Rug
  • Bathroom Mat
  • Mouse Pad
  • Drink Koozie
  • Yoga Mat
  • Pet Bed
  • Laptop Case

Still finding creative ways to use our floor runners? Let us know what YOU can do with these products! Be sure to watch our video below for more on our moving equipment product line:

Floor Runners at U.S. Cargo Control

Check out the neoprene floor runners offered by U.S. Cargo Control. Floor runners come in different lengths for your needs and different colors such as red, blue, and black to fit your aesthetic:

We also offer polyethylene carpet protector products that works similarly to our floor runners and work great to cover things up like countertops and cabinets during home construction projects. 

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For any questions on our floor runners or other moving equipment, call (866) 444-9990 or email to get in touch with one of our experts.


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