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Floor Protection for Moving

Moving floor protection, such as neoprene floor runners and Carpet Shield® carpet protectors, are the ideal layer of defense for floors during a move.

Not only do they protect carpet, tile, laminate, hardwood, linoleum, and other flooring from scratches and dings, they create a flat, non-slip surface and can be cut to fit as needed, making them perfect for stairs and other smaller surfaces.

Reusable Neoprene Floor Runners

Neo Shield neoprene floor protection is a reusable solution to keeping your surfaces in good condition during a move. The non-slip surface is perfect for hand truck dollies, and it's easy to walk on so it's not a hindrance to people just moving through the house.

Kept in place with a non-adhesive backing, the protective neoprene rug can be removed without leaving a sticky residue. It can then be wiped clean with a damp cloth, rolled up, and stored until you need it again!

The lightweight design can be cut to size easily and quickly with household scissors, so it can protect smaller areas such as countertops and stairs, preventing dings or scratches from tools, lumber, etc.

The thin profile also makes these handy carpet protectors a good choice if you need a non-slip surface for a garage, shop, or patio. They can even line the floor of pickup truck cargo boxes, small covered utility trailers, large tool boxes, or other areas where cargo may damage a floor during transit.

Temporary Moving Carpet Protector

Carpet Shield® plastic carpet protector is another great option to protect floors during a move. Unlike traditional carpet protection, Carpet Shield® has a self-adhering backing that keeps it in place. This backing will last up to thirty days and won't leave any residue behind, making it the perfect choice for temporary moving floor protection.

The polyethylene fabrication is lightweight yet strong, making it puncture-resistant but easy to handle.

Like the neoprene rug runner, Carpet Shield® plastic floor covering for carpets can also be customized by cutting to fit any space.

Scuff Guard Floor Protector

When it comes to moving heavy appliances, the chances of damaging the floor or surrounding areas is high. The Scuff Guard easily slides under appliances, and has a long strap that lets you guide it along the floor. 

This moving floor protector is sized to fit through standard doorways, and the strap eliminates the need to bend over, protecting your back!

More Than Just Floor Protection

Both Carpet Shield® and neoprene floor runners are suitable for covering surfaces during remodeling and construction jobs as well.

These versatile carpet covers can protect countertops from grit and grime, prevent paint from getting on your hardwood floors, or keep construction dust from working its way into your carpet.


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