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stainless steel s hook from us cargo control

10 Ways to Use Leftover S-Hooks

S-Hooks are versatile metal hooks shaped like the letter "S" that are useful for a variety of purposes. These tie down hooks come in different sizes, materials, and weights to accommodate a range of needs. Normally, you will see these hooks on different straps and cords to tie down cargo, connect items together, and more. However, there are many other ways to utilize your extra or leftover S-Hooks that help you out on the job, in your home, or for your next project.

Read our list of 10 different ways to maximize your leftover S-Hooks.

10 Ways to Use S-Hooks

crescent wrenches hanging from s hooks on a pegboard

1. Hold Tools

S-Hooks can be used to hold tools in a workshop or construction site. By attaching them to a pegboard or wire rack, you save space by hanging tools like wrenches, screw drivers, and more. This also keeps your tools organized and easy to find, making it easier to work more efficiently.

safety harnesses and gear hanging from wood plank by s-hooks

2. Hang Safety Gear

S-Hooks can also be useful to hang up any safety gear such as hard hats, safety goggles, harnesses, and other items. This will keep necessary equipment separate and prevent any items from tangling, pulling apart, or becoming damaged. S-Hooks also work as a makeshift hook to hold tool belts and various free-hanging tools.

3. Organize Your Cords

Besides tools and work/safety gear, you can hang your extension cords and other rope-like items using S-Hooks. Keep these out of the way when you work, or hang them up to reach areas you need to work on without tripping anything, or anyone, over!

If you work with E-Track, another way of hanging up cords is with a specific hose and cord holder that makes storage much easier within enclosed trailers. 

hanging lights up with S-Hooks underneath a pergola on a patio

4. Hang Lights

Whether you need light for your job, or just to hang on your porch or patio, your leftover S-Hooks work to hang lights. Attach these hooks to wherever you need ample light and hang your temporary light for your job. For a more long-term use, you can string up lights in your porch using these hooks for an easy and adjustable application.

coils of wire rope laying on the cement floor

5. Hold Wire Rope & Chain

For any loose chain, wire rope, cable, or other assemblies lying around, try hanging them up by your leftover S-Hooks. Simply hang them up by a wire rack, pegboard, or other means to keep them out of the way.

6. Hanging Up Sound Blankets

Sound blankets work by reducing noise and prevent echoing from happening. These large, durable blankets - which also act as moving blankets - are made with grommets along their edges that allow S-Hooks to hoist them up to where they need to be. Whether along a wall or as a curtain, hang these up with durable S-Hooks!

hanging plants using s-hooks to hang up on a wooden dowel

7. Hang Potted Plants

If you're looking for a unique way to add some greenery to your home or office, then use S-Hooks to hang plants from the ceiling or a wall. Attach an S-Hook to the plant's hanger or pot, and hang it from a hook or nail. You won't need to worry about heavy plants, as these S-Hooks will hold up against even the largest and most-overgrown plants.

8. Hang Tarps

Want an easy way to organize your tarps when not in use? Hang them up! Using S-Hooks, you can hoist them up by their grommets and keep them nice and tidy up off the ground. Hang these up in your shop, garage, shed, or other place where you will easily access them. 

s-hooks used for window and shower curtains

9. Hang Curtains

Use S-Hooks to hang up curtains for your windows or even for your shower. After so long, the hooks tend to bend and sometimes break over time from too much weight, constant pulling, etc. With a more durable S-Hook, you can rest assured these hooks will keep your curtains up for a long time. And, it adds a little industrial flair to your decor!

hanging pots and pans by hooks along kitchen wall

10. Hold Pots and Pans

Lastly, S-Hooks make more room in your kitchen cabinetry by hanging any pots and pans above your island countertop, along the wall, or on other space. S-Hooks attach easily to any fixture and hang your pots without fear of them falling down. You can also adjust them as you see fit, if you add more pots to your collection, or if you need to get rid of some.

S-Hooks from U.S. Cargo Control

S-Hooks are versatile and practical hooks that can be used in many creative ways. By repurposing leftover S-Hooks, you can organize your home and add some personality to your decor. These 10 ideas show just a few of the many ways you can use S-Hooks.

US Cargo Control offers replacement strap hooks, a type of S-Hook typically used for rubber tarp straps and other light-duty items. For a more heavy-duty option, try using the following options:

Contact our product experts for any other questions you may have on our tie down hardware by calling (866) 444-9990 or emailing today.

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