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image of medium sized black plastic storage bin for E-Track from US Cargo Control

New E-Track Accessories from US Cargo Control

hose and cord holder inside enclosed trailer

U.S. Cargo Control announced the expansion of their E-Track Accessories to its current E-Track product line. These new accessories provide ways to improve storage of loose items within enclosed vans and trailers, helping to reduce potential damage and keep cargo safe. U.S. Cargo Control offers different types of E-Track accessories that help organize your tie down materials and equipment in a better and more efficient manner.  

Read on to learn more about these additional E-Track products.  

What Is E-Track?

E-Track systems make securing all types of cargo - big or small - very easy to do. They are universally used and can also be installed in many different places like flatbed trailers, enclosed vans, pickup truck beds, and more. Each system includes three basic elements:

These ratchet straps wrap around the cargo and secure to the rail with their attached E-Track fittings. There are additional items you can include in your tie down system. For example, E-Track Load Bars work in enclosed vehicles and trailers to secure cargo from moving around, as well as create additional space by “decking,” or creating decks for additional cargo to be stored. E-Track Kits include all the necessary elements to easily install E-Track systems wherever you need.

New E-Track Accessories from U.S. Cargo Control

Apart from the existing items, U.S. Cargo Control’s newest additions to their E-Track accessories better organizes items used for trailers and tie downs. Common items found in enclosed vans and trailers include tools, extension cords, straps, loose materials, etc. Below are some of the latest additions you can find in this product line:

medium-sized black plastic storage bin for E-Track from US Cargo Control small black plastic storage bin for E-Track from US Cargo Control

1. Plastic E-Track Storage Bins

E-Track storage bins, also known as E-Track baskets, provide solid storage in safer places for items like straps, tools, and other equipment. Each container comes with E-Track spring fittings for easy attachment and release. This allows for quicker movement and better adjustability along the E-Track rail.

Plastic storage bins are made with a non-rust polypropylene material and come in both small and medium sizes. Our small storage bins can hold total item weights up to 50 lbs., while our medium baskets can hold up to 100 lbs. worth of storage:

small steel wire storage bin for E-Track from US Cargo Control

2. Steel Wire E-Track Storage Bins

Our E-Track storage bins are also available in steel wire baskets for your preference. Made with a steel-coated wire construction with a yellow zinc finish for better rust resistance, these storage bins are a great addition to the E-Track accessory product line. Keep your items in a safe, secure, singular place with these storage bins.
image of standard dual arm flat hook image of extended dual arm flat hook

3. Dual Arm Flat Hooks

Dual Arm Flat Hooks provide a nice J-Hook style to throw your items over like ratchet straps, rope, and cords. The dual arm design also provides an opening in between to hold the heads of other tools like shovels, spades, rakes, and more. Each of these E-Track accessories comes with spring fittings that attach nicely to the rail.
These products are available in a standard size for more compact storage, and also an extended version for deeper storage.

image of spare tire holder for E-Track

4. Spare Tire Holder

Securing spare tires became much easier with this E-Track tire holder. This mount fits into the lug holes of your tire’s rim and fastens nicely with our included washers. The E-Track spare tire holder fits easily onto the rail and adjusts for better positioning, with no worries about the tire’s weight dragging the E-Track rail down.
image of e-track hose and cord holder

5. Hose & Cord Holder

If you have loose and tangled cords and hoses stored away haphazardly in enclosed trailers, then our E-Track Hose & Cord Holder makes this mess disappear. This item prevents tangling, kinks, and knots from occurring that damage these items. Attach these E-Track accessories to existing rails to neatly organize extension cords, garden hoses, cables, and other long items. These products can also hold up to 125 ft. of hose (with 5/8” diameter) and 450 ft. of cord.

Other E-Track Products

Know what you’re looking for when it comes to creating your very own E-Track tie down system. Our E-Track accessories are just the start – above all, this industry-standard tie down system applies to just about any vehicle and trailer and is available in a variety of equipment for horizontal, vertical, lateral, and radial configurations. Reach out to our product experts to help expertly assemble your E-Track tie down system catered to your specific needs.

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