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What's the difference between L-Track and E Track?

What's the difference between L-Track and E Track?

There are some big differences between L-track and E track for those looking to outfit their truck or trailer with a new tie-down system.


8 Piece 4' L Track Tie Down System- Blue

L-Track is made from lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum providing a sleek look. While it will work in any vehicle or trailer it is ideal for a pick-up truck.

It has a much lower profile compared to E Track. The width of the track matches nearly perfect to the inside of the bed rails and can be installed flawlessly inside the ribs of the truck bed as well.

US Cargo Control offers 2'' anchor plates with 6'', 12'', 24'', 48'', 72'' and 96'' track lengths that are all available in a variety of colors that can be coordinated to match the truck.


E Track made in a horizontal style.

E Track is much more industrial. It is commonly installed inside trailers, cargo vans, moving vans and enclosed semi-trailers. It is the industry standard for cargo control.

These rails are heavy and powerful made from high strength 12 GA steel.

US Cargo Control offers E Track in 2', 5', 8' and 10' sections and can come painted or galvanized.




Track Accessories

US Cargo Control also offers wide selection of accessories, straps and fittings for L-Track and straps and tie-downs designed for E Track.

When deciding between the two systems consider your purpose and what you're trying to secure. L-Track is light, sleek and can be coordinated with the paint on your truck or trailer. E Track is stronger, heavier and much more industrial.

Both will work inside of a trailer -- just consider what you were trying to do. If you need more information or help deciding give one of our product experts a call today at US Cargo Control 855-206-6269.

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