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NEW! 21V Portable Dunnage Air Bag Inflator from US Cargo Control

NEW! 21V Portable Dunnage Air Bag Inflator from US Cargo Control

US Cargo Control unveiled the latest addition to its line of air bag inflators with the PF-CAB PRO 21V Portable Dunnage Air Bag Inflator. The air bag gun quickly inflates dunnage bags, which are used to fill the gaps in open spaces - or "voids" - in between cargo in your enclosed trailers or container trucks.

This revolutionary product brings increased power and cordless portability that outperforms other portable battery-operated inflators on the market, making this a must-have product when it comes to time savings and efficient work.

Learn more about this revolutionary dunnage bag inflator gun, now available at US Cargo Control.

Introducing the 21V Portable Dunnage Bag Inflator Gun

The PF-CAB PRO dunnage bag inflator offers increased power, efficient performance, and easy handling compared to other portable inflator guns. Designed for ergonomic use and made to withstand accidental drops and scuffs, this durable portable air bag inflator resembles a drill with a rubberized handle for a quick and easy grip.

Each air bag inflator kit comes with the inflator itself, a click-on head (1 TH) that easily attaches to the valve of the inflator, a shoulder strap, one 21-volt 4,000mAH battery, and a plug-in battery charger.

Benefits of Dunnage Air Bag Inflator

  • Long-Lasting Battery Power
    The 21V battery boasts an impressive capacity of 4,000mAH, that lasts up to 5 hours for each use. Additionally, the battery itself charges within 2 hours, reusing it to its full potential once charging is done.

  • Fast Inflation & Deflation
    The powerful motor inside the drill charged by the 21V battery works to fill dunnage bags up quickly. Specifically, the inflator can fill up to 60 lightweight dunnage bags in one charge, filling up to the optimum working pressure of 2.0 psi.

  • Click-On Automatic Trigger
    Each inflator uses a trigger to inflate dunnage bags. However, the click-on trigger lets you automatically fill up the dunnage bag hands-free. 

  • Easy to Handle & Use
    The inflator gun is lightweight - up to 1.5 pounds lighter than other portable inflators - and doesn't use cords or airlines that get in the way when filling your dunnage bags.


How to Use the Dunnage Air Bag Inflator

Before Inflating: Make sure you choose the right size dunnage bag that fits the void between your cargo. Void size corresponds to the length of the bag itself. Learn more about this in our related blog post below.

1. Spread Out the Dunnage Bag

Start by laying the dunnage bag flat on the ground or expanded within the void of your cargo to maintain even air distribution. You should be able to access the valve through one of the corners of the dunnage bag. Make sure that your battery is charged up beforehand for optimal use.

2. Connect the Air Inflator to the Valve

Open the cap to the valve and connect the tip of the portable 21V air bag inflator to the opening. The click-on head contains outside threads that attach to the bag's valve, maintaining a tight connection to ensure proper inflation.

3. Inflate the Dunnage Bag

Pull the trigger of the air bag inflator to start filling the dunnage bag. Depending on how you're situated, you can use the click-on automatic feature and set the inflator on the ground or flat surface while it continues filling the bag. Monitor the air pressure to make sure the dunnage bag doesn't overfill. The size of your bag should match the respective void size between your cargo:

table comparing different dunnage bag width sizes to their respective void sizes

4. Close the Valve

Once filled, then remove the inflator and close the valve shut on the dunnage bag to prevent air from leaking out. 

5. Place the Dunnage Bag Between Cargo

Lastly, if you haven't already, place the inflated air bag in the space between your cargo. Make sure to protect the surface of your bag while putting it in place. Situate it in the right position within the void to maintain an even cushion.

Safety Tips for Inflating Dunnage Bags

While the portable dunnage air bag inflator makes for easy work, safety remains paramount during the inflation process. Here are a few things to remember when filling up your dunnage bags:

  • Always stand off to the side of the bag during inflation to avoid potential injury in the event of accidental deployment.
  • Never inflate the dunnage bag beyond its maximum recommended pressures.
  • Always check for sharp objects to keep your dunnage bags safe from popping.
  • Never stab the dunnage bag to deflate it. Instead, use the two-way valve to deflate the bag.
  • Always fill dunnage bags at the recommended 90 PSI during inflation.


poly-woven dunnage air bags and inflator guns from us cargo control

Other Dunnage Bag Products

US Cargo Control provides many different sizes of dunnage bags for you to choose from. Made from a poly-woven material that maintains air pressure through temperature and altitude changes, these bags provide a cost-effective solution to protecting cargo and minimize shifting or movement inside trailers and container trucks.

We offer a wide range of sizes, including:

For other ways to inflate your dunnage bags, US Cargo Control carries a great line of dunnage bag inflators that come with enhanced power and versatility compared to others on the market. We also carry a Dunnage Bag Air Bag Kit that includes 6 dunnage bags, a portable inflator with a battery charger, and a heavy-duty duffle bag.

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