Poly-Woven Dunnage Bags

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Reusable Air Bags

Poly-woven dunnage air bags are a cost-effective load-stabilization option. Designed to fill the gaps between pallets and other cargo, they offer shock-absorption and prevent movement-related damage.

Available in both a ten-pack and by the pallet in a wide range of dimensions, our air bags are suitable for operations of all sizes.

Level 1 Bag Usage

These industrial dunnage bags are designed to stabilize cargo in over the road trucks, rail cars (boxcar and intermodal), and overseas containers. They are AAR-verified for all Level 1 specifications.

What Bag Width Do I Need?

If you are using dunnage bags on a truck, the recommended bags widths are based on your void size. Other factors, such as loading size, may influence this as well, so if you have a specialized application and aren't sure which size to use, give us a call!

Width Void Size
24" 0-10"
36" 0-14"
52" 0-26"

For intermodal rail cars, the maximum void width is 12", so you can use any bag size greater than 24" wide.

Are They Affected by Altitude and Temperature Changes?

Poly-woven dunnage bags are designed to sustain inflation even when exposed to changes in altitude or temperature. The two-way spring valve helps to keep air in - they've been shown to last for weeks, even in refrigerated trucks!

Are Poly-Woven Dunnage Bags Reusable?

With proper handling, they can be reused multiple times for non-railroad applications. The Association of American Railroads does not allow for reuse on United States railroad shipments.

The standard number is 4-5 times, but this can go higher if they are kept in good condition.

How Long Will They Last?

They have a shelf life of up to 60 months when stored in a dark, cool, dry area.

Dunnage Bag Fill Time

While the overall bag fill time is dependent on bag size, air pressure, and void size, the typical fill time is 30 seconds or less! Deflation is also quick, so you can focus on unloading your cargo as quickly as possible.

They are compatible with all of the dunnage bag inflators we carry. Our inflators have a cross-thread that presses down on the tip of the valve, allowing for fast inflation.

How Do They Compare to Paper Air Bags?

Poly bags are cheaper, expand further, and are reusable.

Poly-Woven Dunnage Bag Construction

These air bags are made from a combination of several materials for superior performance. The outer layer is polypropylene (PP) with a polyethylene (PE) laminate, while the inner later is a special blend of polyethylene.

The valve is made from polyethylene as well with a two-way valve that keeps air from flowing back out during the inflation process.

All of these materials are 100% recyclable!

Inflatable Dunnage Bag Material Specifications

Level Max Usage Pressure (PSI) Bursting Pressure (PSI) PE Bladder Thickness (mic.) PE Bladder Tolerance  PP Fabric Weight (gr/m2) PP Fabric Tolerance  PE Laminate Weight (gr/m2)
1 2.8 8 75 ± 5% Min 75 ± 6% Min 10



If you aren't sure which poly-woven dunnage bag will work best for your application, get in touch with our sales team today! Our product specialists can answer any questions you may have, as well as assist with placing an order.