Dunnage Bag Inflators

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ProAir Dunnage Air Bag Inflator | Trigger-Style

Standard Lead Time 2-5 business days.


ProAir Dunnage Air Bag Inflator | Venturi Barrel

Standard Lead Time 2-5 business days.


Eagle Air Dunnage Air Bag Inflator | Extension Handle

Standard Lead Time 2-5 business days.


Portable Dunnage Air Bag Inflator with Battery & Charger

Standard Lead Time 2-5 business days.


Dunnage Air Bag Kit with Inflator & Carrying Case

Standard Lead Time 2-5 business days.


Dunnage Air Bag Inflators

Dunnage bag inflators are used to inflate air bags, which are cargo stabilization tools used to protect your load. They prevent movement much more effectively than methods like wood blocking, and they provide a level of shock absorption.

The models we carry are all compatible with our level 1 poly-woven air bags. These bags have a two-way spring valve, and each of our inflators have a the cross-threaded tip necessary to work with that design.

Standard Dunnage Inflators

Standard inflators are connected via an airline to a compressor. They are lightweight for ease of use, and come in several designs, each with their own benefits.

Popular options include a durable ProAir inflator that can handle the demands of life on the road and a version with an extension handle for hard-to-reach bags.

Portable Air Bag Inflators

If you need additional maneuverability, choose the portable inflator. It runs using a battery, and makes it easy to get into position - no dealing with an unwieldy airline!

This style is available in a kit with everything a small business needs to get started with dunnage, including two sizes of air bags, a charger, and a carrying case.


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