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e-track with shoring beams for enclosed semi trailers

How to Set Up E-Track for Trailers: An Ultimate Guide

E-Track is a popular choice for creating customized cargo setups in trailers, trucks, and enclosed vans. These high-strength steel rails offer multiple attachment points for securing cargo items, creating sturdy shelves, organizing tools and equipment, and more. Using E-Track helps prevent your items from moving, shifting, and getting damaged while in transit.

The great thing about E-Track is that it’s completely customizable. Installing E-Track allows you to create your own tie down setup designed to handle the typical cargo and equipment you haul within your truck or trailer. Outfitting your trailer with E-Track starts with planning out your setup and choosing the right items to keep your cargo secure and your equipment safe and organized.

If you want to add E-Track to your truck or trailer, then read our ultimate guide for all the information you need for a proper tie down setup.

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empty enclosed trailer with horizontal and vertical E-Track

Planning Your E-Track Setup

The first step in creating your own E-Track setup for trailers involves planning. Before purchasing any components, measure your truck or trailer and plan the layout. Proper planning is crucial, especially for enclosed trailer tie downs, to ensure your cargo is secure and accessible.

Make sure you have all the information you need when designing your layout, including:

  • the dimensions of your trailer, truck, or van
  • the size of your items, if you plan on hauling cargo or moving items
  • the number of tools you have, if you plan on hauling equipment
  • if you plan on creating shelving space to stack items and equipment

Why Use E-Track?

With many other types of tie down systems out there, E-Track provides a strong and inexpensive solution for reliable cargo securement. Made with 12-gauge steel (compared to some aluminum makes), it offers a heavier-duty option that’s completely customizable to the space of your choice. Create horizontal, vertical, lateral, and radial constraints to protect your cargo from damage during transport. Plus, with its popularity growing, there are more accessories you can add to your tie down setup compared to other systems.

Horizontal vs. Vertical E-Track Alignment

Part of your setup involves knowing which alignment you want and the number of E-Track rails you’ll need to complete it. US Cargo Control offers two types of E-Track rail: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal E-Track works on the floor or walls of the trailer and contain slots spaced tightly together for more tie down points. Vertical E-Track is designed to accommodate various cargo sizes and heights, as well as support a second-level shelf for additional storage and organization.

Below compares the two types of E-Track even further:

Horizontal E-Track Trailer

Vertical E-Track Trailer

  • Perpendicular slots
  • Wider profile
  • Provide more tie down points per foot
  • Typically installed on walls and floors.
  • Offered in 2', 5', 8', and 10'
  • Parallel slots
  • Narrower profile
  • Better suited to create trailer shelving.
  • Typically installed on trailer walls only.
  • Offered in 5' only


When choosing between the two options, there’s really no wrong answer. Both types can be installed on the walls and the floor of your trailer or truck. They also are available in both galvanized and painted finishes, depending on your price point and whether the E-Track rail is installed in an indoor or outdoor environment (e.g., enclosed trailer vs. flatbed trailer).

Single E-Track Brackets

Depending on your layout, you might not have enough room to install an entire E-Track rail for a certain spot. However, if you still need a tie down anchor at this specific point, then consider using single E-Track brackets. Also known as E-Track anchors, each tie down point provides a single slot to connect strap fittings and other accessories to. Made from the same material as a typical rail, this single-slotted anchor works great to install in narrow or hard-to-reach areas of your truck or trailer.

Enclosed Trailer Shelving

If you plan on installing E-Track in your enclosed van trailer, then consider the possibility of creating shelves to stack items and equipment. Our E-Track rails work great to support enclosed trailer shelving configurations when used with aluminum shoring beams. Creating shelves in enclosed trailers maximizes the storage space for more efficient organization.



Installing E-Track for Trailers & Trucks

Once you devised your plan, the next step is to install the E-Track rails in your truck or trailer. E-Track is relatively easy to install with the right tools and mounting hardware. We provided the following guides below, as well as the supplies and equipment you'll need for a successful installation.

E-Track Installation Guides:

Installation Supplies:

  • E-Track rails
  • Fasteners (screws or bolts)
  • Drill and bits
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Marker or pencil

E-Track Mounting Hardware

During installation, make sure you're using the right E-Track Fasteners to secure your rail to your trailer or truck. We offer three common types of fastening systems to use in E-Track for trailers, with most coming in 10 packs. What you choose depends on what material you fasten your E-Track to:

E-Track Mounting Hardware

Ideal For:


Through-Bolt Fasteners


Provides best hold using a nut, bolt, and washer.

Self-Drilling Tip Screws


Self-drilling tip allows you to skip pre-drilling for most surfaces.

Wood Screws


Wide washer head provides superior holding power.


Tips for Maintaining Your E-Track System

  • Regular Inspections: Periodically check the E-Track for any wear and tear. If any rail looks damaged, replace it immediately.
  • Keep Clean: Clean the tracks regularly to prevent debris from obstructing the slots.
  • Lubricate: Occasionally lubricate moving parts of the accessories to ensure smooth operation.


e-track ratchet strap tie down for trailers

Choosing the Right Trailer E-Track Straps

Next, you want to equip yourself with the right E-Track tie down straps. Also known as logistic straps or moving tie downs, these track tie downs include E-Track spring fittings on the ends for easy attachment to any E-Track rail. The durable polyester webbing is designed with a 6,000-lb. break strength to withstand the strongest tie down forces, and each strap is color-coded for easy identification (yellow for 12', gray for 16', blue for 20').

We also offer select E-Track Tire Straps suited for securing vehicles to your trailer. These wheel straps come with 3 rubber blocks that fit into the rain grooves of the tire for a snug fit.

All tie down straps from US Cargo Control are tagged with their rated capacities and working load limits for safe and compliant usage. It's important to operate within the working load limits of not only the straps, but all E-Track components for your trailers.


Adding E-Track Accessories

Lastly, add any E-Track accessories to complete your trailer setup. These items offer alternative options to securing your cargo, as well as solutions to tidying up your trailer space. US Cargo Control provides a variety of E-Track essentials for you to choose from.

e track anchor tie down with o-ring

Tie Down Points

Our tie down points contain spring E-fittings that easily attach and release from the E-Track as needed. Used when E-Track straps are not readily available, these tie downs are compatible with other tie down hardware components, including S-Hooks, J-Hooks, grab hooks, snap-hooks and more. Used by professional haulers everywhere, these components secure all types of pallets, cargo, and recreational vehicles. Choose from the following ring options: O-Ring, Heavy Duty Round Ring, and D-Ring

e-track dual arm flat hook tool hook

E-Track Hooks

E-Track hooks are perfect for connecting to your rail with a spring fitting and hold up a variety of items like ratchet straps, rope, cordage, tools, and more. Available in J-Hook and dual arm hook options, these items help keep your trailer space neat and organized, preventing any potential trip hazards or items from moving and shifting around during transit. For longer cords, US Cargo Control also offers a durable Hose and Cord Holder for E-Track that holds items up to 450 feet long.

medium storage bin for e-track systems

Storage Bags and Bins

If you want tools to keep loose items and accessories altogether in one easy-to-find space, then add some E-Track storage bins to your setup. These baskets attach to your E-Track with built-in spring fittings for easy connection. Our plastic baskets - available in small or medium sizes - are made from durable polypropylene, while our wire basket option is constructed from coated steel for maximum durability.

92" aluminum shoring beam e-track for trailers

Shoring Beams

For creating shelves, the most reliable option for sturdy support is our aluminum shoring beams. Designed from steel or aluminum, these devices do two important jobs in your enclosed trailer: they safely secure your cargo in place as well as create extra storage space when used for "decking." Available in a variety of different lengths, these products adjust to different length in order to reach different trailer widths. The easy-to-use release mechanism detaches the shoring beam from the E-Track.

Besides shoring beams, also known as load bars, you can invest in our Wood End Beam Sockets to create decking in your trailer. This inexpensive route fits with an ordinary piece of 2x4 lumber to create a support beam for your enclosed trailer shelving.


Outfitting your truck or trailer with E-Track can revolutionize how you transport and manage cargo. You'll be able to create a secure, efficient, and versatile cargo management system tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're a professional hauler or a DIY enthusiast, E-Track is a valuable investment for trailers in the safety and organization of your transport operations.


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