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enclosed trailer shelving for cargo transportation

5 Enclosed Trailer Shelving Ideas for Optimal Storage

Enclosed van trailers are a preferred choice when it comes to protecting cargo from the outdoor elements during transit. Depending on the size of the trailer, they offer plenty of space for cargo, as well as tools and equipment for those working in a variety of industries like construction, distribution, moving, event management, and more.

However, without means of proper storage, these trailers become cluttered and disorganized fast. To prevent this, install different shelving spaces throughout your enclosed trailer to keep it clean and prevent any trip hazards. No matter what you use your enclosed trailer for, efficient shelving not only organizes your tools and equipment but also maximizes space utilization, ensuring everything is accessible when needed. Plus, using the right equipment allows you to customize your shelving setup to fit your hauling needs.

Here are five enclosed trailer shelving ideas to keep in mind when configuring your trailer setup.


1. Tool Trailer Shelves

Installing permanent tool trailer shelves helps organize tools and equipment for people like contractors, handymen, equipment managers, and others who use these trailers for storage purposes. These shelves are typically installed along the side walls of the trailer and consist of multiple levels to utilize the vertical space more efficiently. Tool trailer shelves are commonly made from either wood or metal, both of which have their own pros and cons:

Wood Shelving

Metal Shelving

  • Costs less
  • Weaker material
  • Lighter; does not add much to total weight capacity.
  • Expands or shrinks with humidity, liquids, and corrosives
  • Shifts over time
  • Costs more
  • Stronger material
  • Heavier; adds more to total weight capacity.
  • Withstands humidity, liquids, corrosives.
  • Does not shift over time.


With heavier tools and equipment, metal tool trailer shelving seems to be the best way to go for longer-lasting strength. While wood does not last quite as long, it serves as a sufficient cost-effective solution to keep your tools organized.

Utilizing adjustable shelving units with dividers can keep tools neatly arranged and easily accessible. Consider incorporating locking mechanisms to secure valuable equipment during transit, ensuring safety and peace of mind. Additionally, integrating drawers or bins within the shelving system can further enhance organization by categorizing items like tools, cords, rope, ratchet straps, and more based on their size and usage frequency. 

horizontal e-track rail in enclosed van trailer


2. Horizontal E-Track Systems

Enclosed trailer haulers that deliver cargo rely on E-Track to secure their pallets and items for safe transit and delivery. E-Track systems are versatile solutions for securing cargo in trailers but can also be utilized for shelving purposes.

Horizontal E-track shelving involves installing E-track rails along the walls of the trailer and attaching compatible shelving brackets. This setup offers flexibility, allowing shelves to be repositioned as needed to accommodate varying cargo sizes. Whether it's boxes, containers, or other items, horizontal E-track shelving provides stability and convenience for transporting diverse loads. 

Consider using aluminum shoring beams that easily connect and disconnect to the E-Track rail. Offering plenty of strength and durability, these tools provide support for platforms like plywood to hold up against heavier items. Additionally, you can also use wood beams as shelving support by inserting them into the wood end beam socket that attaches to the E-Track rail for a cost-effective alternative.

vertical e-track secures cargo in enclosed van trailer


3. Vertical Solutions

You can also use vertical E-Track to create upward storage space inside your enclosed trailer. Vertical shelving maximizes floor space, allowing for easy access to tools and equipment without cluttering the trailer's interior.

Utilize wall-mounted brackets, racks, or shelving units to store items such as pipes, ladders, or long-handled tools vertically. You can maximize your enclosed trailer's space by creating multiple levels, or decks, using aluminum shoring beams. Similar to horizontal E-Track setups, decking creates cross-trailer shelves that organizes your cargo and equipment for safe storage during transit.

4. V-Nose Shelving

The often underutilized space in the V-nose of an enclosed trailer presents a prime opportunity for additional storage. Custom-built shelving units that fit snugly into the v-nose area can effectively maximize storage capacity without encroaching on the main cargo area. Whether you use wood or metal shelving is up to you.

These shelves can be tailored to accommodate specific items such as small tools, hardware, or personal protective equipment (PPE). By using this often overlooked space, v-nose shelving adds valuable storage capacity while maintaining accessibility.

vertical e-track cord holder for enclosed van trailer

5. Add Storage Options

Lastly, enhance the functionality of your enclosed trailer shelving through integrating various storage accessories. Hooks, bins, and tool holders can be strategically mounted on shelves or walls to organize smaller items and prevent clutter. Additionally, installing hooks or hangers on the E-Track rail provides additional storage for items like extension cords, hoses, and other tools, keeping them out of the way yet easily reachable. 

Magnetic strips or tool racks offer convenient storage solutions for frequently used tools, keeping them within easy reach. Investing in adjustable straps or bungee cords also secures items in place during transit, minimizing the risk of shifting or damage.


Enclosed Van Trailer Supplies

US Cargo Control offers plenty of quality enclosed van trailer supplies to create your own custom tie down system and shelving units. Choosing the right supplies is essential to protecting your cargo and equipment from damage during transit. From anchor points and tie down straps to covers and blankets, we carry the products you need to achieve this level of securement.

Browse through our selection of enclosed trailer products, including:

As always, talk with our product experts for any questions on our products or how to set up your very own enclosed trailer shelving configuration. 


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For more on our trucking and transportation equipment, contact our product experts today by email or by calling (866) 444-9990. We're happy to help you find what you want, when you need it. 

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