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How to Create Tie Down Anchor Points with E-Track Singles

How to Create Tie Down Anchor Points with E-Track Singles

E-track singles create anchor points for small spaces such as pickup boxes, moving dollies, or anywhere you need a tie-down point. This short video explains what they are and places you might want to install them

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This is an e-track single fitting. Typically e-track comes in long sections and it's found in the back of trucks and trailers to provide anchor points for tying down ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and even cars.

The E-track single is really handy because it can be installed in truck beds, toy haulers, and trailers. Or if you're in a factory setting, it can be installed on carts or pallets and it provides a good anchor point for attaching e-track fittings or e-track straps to keep cargo secure as it moves through your work space. E-track fittings can be found on the end of e-track ratchet straps and e-track cam buckle straps.

The combination of the E-track receiver and fitting is very strong and secure, and it locks into the receiver until you release the spring lever. The placement options for e-track single receivers are really up to your imagination.

One option is on the side of the tail gate of a pick up truck. It's slim enough so it won't impede the closing of the tail gate but it gives you an anchor point for tying down materials that would lie on the tailgate itself, such as lumber.

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