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    1" Polyester Webbing

    Purchase by Linear Foot or 300' Rolls
    Starting at
    SKU: NS-WEB14500BLK-LF

    2" Polyester Webbing - 12,000 lb Break Strength

    Purchase by Linear Foot or 300' Rolls
    Starting at
    SKU: NS-WEB212000Y-LF

    Cargo webbing is available in a range of sizes and colors for use in a variety of applications. Whether you need heavy duty nylon straps for a lifting sling, polyester webbing to make custom tie-downs, or seat belt webbing to replace a worn out harness in a race car, you can find a solution at US Cargo Control. Custom colors and lengths are available, call our product specialists for more information.

    Although webbing may all look similar, there are a few key difference between the three types of heavy duty webbing we sell. What works for one application might not work for another. For example, for use as a recovery strap, choose nylon. Webbing ratchet in polyester will work better for tie-downs as it has less stretch than nylon.

    We've outlined the basics of each, but if you still have questions about what might work best for your particular need, contact our sales specialists. We pride ourselves being the most knowledgeable webbing suppliers in the country, don't hesitate to contact us for help.

    Nylon webbing

    Heavy duty nylon webbing offers a unique combination of strength and stretch. With tensile strength ratings ranging from 7000 lbs. to 9800 lbs. per inch of width and a natural ability to stretch approximately 5-7% at rated capacity and approximately 30-33% at breaking strength, nylon cargo webbing is an ideal choice for lifting slings.

    Nylon strapping also has the ability to retract a good percentage of the stretch which is why it's also very popular for recovery straps. The "snap-back" quality of the nylon helps recover vehicles stuck in mud, sand and snow.

    Our nylon webbing comes in widths ranging from 1" to 12" and is sold in 300' rolls.

    In addition to various widths of nylon webbing you can buy to create your own custom lifting slings and recovery straps, we also sell nylon lifting slings and lifting straps and recovery straps in many styles and sizes.

    Polyester Webbing

    Polyester's lower stretch value makes it ideal for tie-down applications. Sometimes called military webbing, polyester cargo web is strong and lightweight like nylon webbing, but without the stretch of nylon. Its strength and flat profile makes it useful in some applications in place of traditional rope.

    Polyester webbing is resistant to abrasion, UV rays, and water absorption, so it's great for tie-downs, cargo strapping, E-track use, winch straps, ratchet straps, tow straps, and more. In fact,  it's sometimes called webbing ratchet. By simply adding your own tie down hardware, you can create your own custom strapping.

    Polyester web material also makes a great lifting sling when you need controlled lifting without the stretch of nylon. If you'd rather order a pre-made polyester lifting sling, we offer two designs: endless and eye & eye.

    We offer the most in-stock colors and sizes in our polyester webbing, with red, yellow, blue, green, black, olive drab (military green) and gray available in widths ranging from 1" to 4". While length of strapping will not make a difference in strength, width does: the wider the strap, the higher the break strength. See each product listing page for specifics on tensile strength. Tensile strength is the maximum amount of stress the strap can take before breaking or failing. For example, a polyester web strap with a 3.5K tensile strength can hold 3, 5000 lbs. before it will begin to fail.

    Seatbelt Webbing

    Like our polyester strapping, seatbelt webbing is a great choice when you need high quality heavy duty webbing with high strength and little stretch. Our seatbelt webbing is also polyester, but is less expensive and available in fewer stock color and size options (although custom colors are available for extra charge) than our regular polyester webbing. Roll size is 2"x600'. With 6,000 lb. break strength, seatbelt webbing is ideal for creating your own custom, yet inexpensive, webbing ratchet straps and tie-downs. Check out our selection of tie down hardware including snap, flat, and tie down hooks, cam buckles and ratchet buckles, and wire, grab, and S-hooks to find everything you need.

    Seatbelt webbing is slightly thinner than regular polyester webbing, so it's versatile enough for other uses besides ratchet webbing: acting as lifting straps for heavy items, replacing handles and straps on bags, repairing life jackets, horse blankets and tent hoops, creating a custom-length pet leash for large dogs or other animals, and more. Its resistance to fading, rotting, mold, and mildew makes it ideal for harsh weather and extreme outdoor environments.

    We carry seat belt webbing in stock in colors black, gray or tan, but custom colors are also available. Color matching is available for an extra charge. Color variations can occur, so if you need the same color for more than one roll, call our sales team at for more information.

    Looking for more specific webbing options? Shop our: Green Webbing, White Webbing, Red Webbing, Camo Webbing, 1 Inch Webbing, 2 Inch Webbing, 3 Inch Webbing or 4 Inch Webbing.

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