Vertical Lifting Clamps

Vertical Lifting Clamps

Vertical Plate Lifting Clamps

Vertical lifting clamps allow you to turn materials from a horizontal to a vertical position and vice versa. This process - as well as moving and transferring - is made simple by the 180-degree turning range most vertical clamps offer.

While this style offers more flexibility than a horizontal lifting clamp, you are limited by how many sheets you can move at once. A horizontal option lets you move multiple, while a vertical only lets you move one.

Crosby Lifting Clamps

Crosby, a popular brand known for its high-quality products, offers lightweight, high-strength vertical clamps.

Each option is best suited for a specific application, with the IP10 being the standard clamp.

The more specialized options include a hinged hosting eye, a non-marring clamp surface, and more.

Terrier Vertical Lifting Clamps

Terrier clamps are durable and maintenance-friendly - showcasing their commitment to providing you with superior lifting solutions.

They also offer a number of different styles, including one designed for thin sheets of metal.


If you need help finding the right vertical lifting clamp for your application, or if you are looking for something custom, call to speak with one of our product specialists today!

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