Horizontal Lifting Clamps

Horizontal Plate Lifting Clamps

Horizontal lifting clamps allow you to transfer plate or sheet material horizontally.

This transport style is more efficient than a vertical lifting clamp because it gives you the option to move multiple sheets at once.

All of our clamps come with a user manual and a test certificate.

Crosby Plate Lifting Clamps

Crosby is a trusted name in the rigging industry - their products offer both innovation and reliable performance. These clamps can withstand abusive jobsite conditions and are compact for easy transport.

Terrier Horizontal Lifting Clamps

Terrier incorporates safety and superior quality into each one of their clamp designs. The clamps have a lightweight, stream-lined design that simplifies installation.


Not sure what material handling equipment you need? Get in touch today to speak with one of our product specialists. Custom clamps are available!

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