Crosby® Horizontal Clamps

See below to understand the differences among the various horizontal lifting clamp models from Crosby®.

Crosby® IPH10
This model of lifting clamp has a pretension feature that allows the user to attach the clamps to the material for horizontal lifting and transfer of non-sagging material. Max jaw opening is 4.75" and working load limits range from 1/2 ton to 12 ton.

Crosby® IPHNM10
These horizontal lifting clamps are similar to the IPH10 clamps, but feature a protective surface that keeps vulnerable material from being damaged. Due to the different jaw surface, max jaw opening is only 2.38" and working load limits range from 1/2 ton to 2 ton.

Crosby® IPHOZ
These clamps are used to lift and transfer thin sheets of material that may sag or bend when lifted. Jaw opening reaches 2.38" and working load limits range from 3/4 ton to 15 ton.

Crosby® IPBC
These versatile lifting clamps allows users to horizontally lift and transfer sagging and non-sagging material. They can also be used to handle material that will be used in shears, bending, and rolling machines, as well as to turn beam from the "H" position into the "I" position. Jaw opening is 0 to 0.75" and working load limit is 1 ton.

Crosby® IPHGZ
This horizontal lifting clamp model can be used for sagging and non-sagging material, material that will be used in fabrication equipment, and to move and lift structural shapes such as I-Beams, H-Beams and more. Both the fixed and universal lifting eye models have a 1" jaw opening. Working load limits range from 3/4 ton to 4-1/2 ton.

Crosby® IPPE
Designed to lift and transfer bundles of non-sagging steel plates in a horizontal position. The jaw opening can be easily adjusted from 0 up to 16.5" and the clamp can quickly and easily be placed or removed by raising the handle. Working load limits from 3 ton to 12 ton.
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