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Crosby® Beam Lifting Clamps
Crosby® Beam Lifting Clamps

Crosby Beam Clamps

See below to understand the differences among the various Crosby® beam clamps for lifting.

Crosby® IPBKZ This type of beam clamp is made to lift, transfer, and stack I-beams and can be used in vertical and horizontal moving and transferring. Working load limits range from 3/4 ton to 3-3/4 ton and jaw opening range is 0.19" to 0.63".

Crosby® IPVUZ/IPVZ These beam clamps are used to vertically lift and transfer angle iron and loads that have only a small gripping area available. They can also be used in vertical and horizontal moving, transferring, and stacking of I-beams, angles, and other structural designs. Choose between 3/4 ton or 1-1/2 ton working load limits. Jaw opening max is 0.63".

Crosby® IPBHZ These beam clamps are for lifting and stacking I-beams and feature a ring-center hoist that allows for the beam flange to stay vertical. Can be used in vertical and horizontal moving and stacking applications. Working load limits from 3/4 ton to 4-1/2 ton and max jaw opening is 1".

Crosby® IPBSNZ Very similar to IPBHZ series, but with a jaw opening of 0 to 1.25" and working load limit range of 1-1/2 ton to 4-1/2 ton.

Crosby® IPTK/IPTKU/IPKW These beam clamps are made to be used as a temporary tackle eye for a beam. Some have hoisting eyes and others do not. The IPTKU model has a double locking device. Working load limits range from 2 ton to 25 ton and jaw openings from 2.95" to 7.5".

Crosby® IPSTARTEC11 This beam clamp is specially developed to lift with the body in a vertical position with controlled tilting. It can be used to transport and stack steel "H" and "I" profiles. The chain guide can be moved so you can switch from lifting to tilting and back again. 1-1/2 ton and 2-1/2 ton working load limits and a jaw opening range of 0.25" to 0.5".