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Crosby® Vertical Clamps

See below to understand the differences among the various vertical lifting clamps from Crosby®.

Crosby® IP10 Used to lift, turn, move, and vertically transfer sheets, plates, and fabrications from horizontal to vertical and back down to horizontal. Available in 1/2 ton to 22-1/2 ton working load limits with 4" max jaw openings. These clamps are designed for materials with a surface hardness up to 363HV10 (345 HB).

Crosby® IPU10 Same use as the IP10 series, but with a hinged hoisting eye that allows for the clamp to place and lift the load from any direction, or with a multiple leg sling, without side-loading the clamp. Working load limits range from 1/2 ton to 16 ton and jaw openings from 0 to 4".

Crosby® IPU10/A This vertical lifting clamp automatically clicks on to the material as soon as the clamp is placed on the plate. This make clamping in places that are difficult to reach much easier. Available working load limits are 1 ton and 2 ton and jaw opening reaches 0.79".

Crosby® IPNM10 This is a non-marring lifting clamp that allows you to lift, turn, and move plates from horizontal to vertical and down to horizontal without damaging the surface. Ideal for aluminum, stainless steel, painted materials, aircraft skins, composite material, glass, plastic, and more. Working load limits range from 1/2 ton to 2 ton and jaw opening reaches 0.38".