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Terrier Vertical Clamps

See below to understand the differences among the various vertical lifting clamps from Terrier.

Terrier TS/TE/STS This series features vertical lifting clamps with a fixed shackle. These popular vertical clamps are light in weight but heavy-duty in durability. Jaw openings range from 0 up to 3.54" and working load limits from 1 ton to 30 ton.

Terrier TSU/TSE/STSU These vertical lifting clamps have an articulated lifting shackle that guarantees a firm grip in every position (even when side-loading up to 90 degrees) and universal lifting flexibility at various angles. Jaw openings range from 0 to 0.98" and working load limits from 3/4 ton up to 30 ton.

Terrier TSEU-A This lifting clamp series features an adjustable jaw opening, allowing you to go from 0 to 3.74". It also has an articulated shackle for even more flexibility and a 3 ton working load limit.

Terrier TSU-R This stainless steel lifting clamp series has a working load limit of 2 ton, an adjustable jaw opening of 0 to 0.79", and an articulated shackle. The pivot and cam are made of stainless steel and the body and lock lever are nickel plated to prevent corrosion.

Terrier TJP This series is ideal for thin sheets of metal. It has no minimum working load limit and jaw opening max is 0.79". It also has a special pivot which adapts itself to the load of the clamp and eliminates the chance of slipping loads.

Terrier TSHP/TSHPU The TSHPU series lifting clamp has an articulated shackle and 2 pivots for extra powerful clamping force. Jaw opening is 0 to 1.38" and it's available with 3 ton and 5 ton working load limits. The TSHP model lifting clamp has an extra-wide jaw opening that reaches a maximum 3.15". It comes with 3 pivots for even more clamping force and working load limits are 1 ton or 1-1/2 ton.

Terrrier TNMK/TNMKA These vertical lifting clamps feature non-marring jaws that won"t damage loads. The TNMK has a standard jaw opening and working load limits from 1/2 ton to 3 ton. The TNMKA has an adjustable extra large jaw opening and 1 to 2 ton working load limits.