Terrier Lifting Clamps

Known worldwide for more than 30 years, Terrier Lifting Clamps & Equipment builds high performance and long operational life into each lifting plate clamp. The Holland-based manufacturer puts superior quality, absolute safety, and innovation at the forefront of every project, helping ensure you get jobs done correctly, on schedule, and without damage or injury. US Cargo Control is proud to include Terrier in our growing product line of trusted names across the industry.

We sell a wide range of Terrier’s vertical plate lifting clampshorizontal plate clampsbeam clamps for liftingpipe lifting clampsdrum clamps, and specialty lifting clamps, as well as replacement parts. All of Terrier’s sheet metal lifting clamps feature a lightweight, streamlined design that makes handling easier. Tough, exotic steel is used for the housing, lifting shackle, cam, and pivot, as it stands up to enormous tension and pressure when hoisting and transporting steel plates and structures. Sheet lifting clamps also have heavy-duty, welded shell bodies and excellent finishing, plus are maintenance-friendly. Simple construction allows for straightforward repair.

An emphasis on safety means Terrier tests its steel plate lifting clamps up to twice the working load limit (WLL); lifting capacity is clearly in-scripted into the bodies of these lifting clamps for sheet metal. In addition, the break factor of Terrier sheet clamps is five times the WLL. Red signal coloring on the lifting eye and locking lever further promotes safe practices. Terrier's plate clamps for lifting come with an original test certificate and instruction manual.

Plate lifting clamps meet the following standards and requirements: European Norm NEN 13155, American Norm ASME B30.20-2010, Australian Norm 4991, ASME BTH-1 Design Category B Service Class 0, and European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

Like us here at USCC, Terrier understands that quick delivery of lifting clamps for plates and other essential equipment is important to avoid holding up critical lifting work. We share that aggressive hustle and maintain close relationships with vendors like Terrier to fulfill our brand promise: What you want, when you need it.

Terrier keeps a strong focus on developing solutions to meet continuously changing lifting demands. Don’t see the vertical lifting clamp, horizontal plate lifting clamps, i beam lifting clamp, or another plate lifter you need? Call us to discuss custom options. Check out, too, Crosby® clamps. Horizontal lifting clamp and vertical plate clamp styles are among the Crosby® plate clamps we sell.
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