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Terrier Pipe Clamps

Terrier TBC/TBCA
These models are designed for vertical lifting and transport of concrete pipes and wells. These lightweight clamps feature a pressure resistant plastic cam that is easy to change. Both the TBC and TBCA series have a 1 ton working load limit and jaw openings are 2.36" to 4.72" and 1.97" to 8.66" respectively.

Terrier TPH/TPH-HD
These models are designed for horizontal lifting and transport of steel and concrete pipes. Terrier TPH lifting clamps feature a special high-quality pressure resistant plastic, max jaw opening of 1.57", and working load limits from 1-1/2 ton to 20 ton. The Terrier TPH-HD clamp is designed for extreme heavy-duty lifting and is covered with a special extreme high-pressure resistant plastic. Max jaw opening is 2.36" and working loads for this model range from 5 ton up to 60 ton.
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