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2 Leg Slings
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    2 Leg Slings

    2 Leg Bridle Slings

    2 leg slings are an essential component for many lifting and rigging applications. The extra leg allows for additional versatility over a single leg sling.

    This sling design helps to balance your load by distributing weight more evenly, and you can even do multiple pulls at once!

    Double Leg Sling Material

    We offer 2 leg slings in several materials: nylon, wire rope, grade 100 chain, and grade 120 chain. Each is best suited for different jobs.


    Nylon bridle slings are the most widely used sling type. The fabric is lightweight - which reduces the strain on your riggers - and is incredibly flexible. It won't lock up on a load.

    These slings stretch approximately 8-10% at rated capacity, and are unaffected by grease and oil.

    If your setup involves acids, bleaching agents, or temperatures over 194 degrees Fahrenheit, nylon is not the material for you.

    Wire Rope

    Wire rope slings are the ideal choice when you need high strength and flexibility with a  lighter design than chain. The hooks can connect directly to your load.

    Both 6x19 EIPS and 6x37 EIPS rope is used in the construction of these 2 leg bridle slings. 6x19 is the most popular, as it offers good wear-resistance without sacrificing flexibility. 6x37 is even more flexible, but has less wear-resistance.


    Chain slings are the heavy-duty option - they can withstand environments that might damage the other types of 2 leg slings. 

    The downside is that they are expensive and heavy. This can put extra strain on your crew or damage fragile cargo.

    Adjustable versions of these slings are available as well with either grade 100 or grade 120 chain.

    Custom Two Leg Slings

    If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, give our product experts a call. They can answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you with a quote for a custom sling.