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3 Leg Slings
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    3 Leg Slings

    3 Leg Bridle Slings

    3 leg slings create a rigging and lifting setup with superior stability. They are suitable for many applications, including those with irregularly-shaped loads.


    Looking for a 3 leg sling with flexibility and a low weight? Nylon slings meet both of those criteria, making them one of the most widely-used styles.

    They are resilient to grease, oil, and chemicals like ethers, strong alkalies and aldehydes.

    If your application involves bleaching agents, acid, or temperatures greater than 194 degrees Fahrenheit, then nylon is not the material for you.

    Available with master link, safety hook, and sewn loop end fittings.

    Wire Rope

    Wire rope is a good middle solution - it's more flexible than chain slings and more durable than nylon. 


    3 point lifting slings made from chain are designed to handle the toughest environments. They are cut- and wear-resistant, and can handle temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    One of the additional benefits is that you can choose an adjustable chain sling (available in both grade 100 and grade 120 chain). Adjustable slings include a fitting that allows you to change the length of your legs to better fit the load.

    Learn More About 3 Point Lifting Slings

    Call to speak to one of our product specialists today - they can help you decide which 3 leg sling is appropriate for your setup, and even provide a quote if you are looking for a custom solution.