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parachute airbag material 20 x 27 ft size black lumber tarmp

Parachute Material Tarps from US Cargo Control

U.S. Cargo Control officially released its parachute material tarps as an addition to its flatbed trailer tarp product line. Parachute tarps are an ultra-lightweight solution to protecting your cargo from dirt and road debris during transportation. U.S. Cargo Control offers two types of parachute lumber tarps to accommodate various sizes of semi-truck flatbed trailers.

Learn more about our new products below.

What Are Parachute Tarps?

Parachute material tarps, also known as airbag tarps, work to cover and protect cargo items on a flatbed or semi trailer and are used with other tie down straps to prevent the tarp from billowing or flying off during transit.

graphic of airbag material parachute lumber tarp with lengths and material described

Each tarp consists of one top side connected to a drop flap, and two side pieces that cover the sides of the cargo or semi trailer. These sides can also be tucked underneath the cargo or folded up when excess tarp is present. The top side is made with 18 oz. vinyl polyester. All U.S. Cargo Control tarps are made with this heavy-duty material that handles more stress than other types of lumber tarps. 

The two sides consist of the 6 oz. nylon fabric that are 40% lighter than normal tarps, making them easier to handle and set up than other types. Together, these components create a unique blend of durability and versatility that makes for easy set up and transport than traditional tarps do.

Benefits of Parachute Tarps

  • Lightweight

    Unlike other types, parachute tarps are made with a nylon packcloth material that makes them lighter and easier to use than other heavy-duty tarps.

  • Durable & High-Resistance

    The 18 oz. heavy-duty polyester provides a barrier that protects the top of your cargo from weather, debris, and other elements. Along with the two nylon sides, the parachute tarp is made with resistance in mind, such as preventing damage from water, chemical corrosion, UV-radiation, mildew and condensation, and tearing.

  • Flexible

    Additionally, the 6 oz. nylon packcloth material is incredibly flexible and fits to your cargo's size without tearing or sacrificing quality. This material also performs better than other heavy-duty tarps in colder temperatures. 

  • Secure Connection

    Each tarp comes with three rows of zinc-coated D-rings as well as grommets sewn in along the hem for safe and secure tie down accessibility and versatility. The zinc coating helps prevent chemical corrosion from wearing down the tarp's D-rings. Use materials like rubber tarp straps, rubber rope, and other tarp tie down equipment to cover your cargo. 

    Parachute Tarps at U.S. Cargo Control

    Airbag tarps from U.S. Cargo Control are considered an all-purpose lumber tarp used especially to protect pallets, crates, steel, lumber, and more. U.S. Cargo Control carries two different types of parachute tarps:

    parachute material tarp 20 x 27 ft

    20' x 27' Parachute Lumber Tarp

                • 6 ft. Drop Flap
                • 69 lbs. in Total Product Weight
                • 3 rows of 2" zinc-coated D-rings
                • Cold Crack: 18 oz. Vinyl -40°F



    parachute material tarp 25 x 27 ft.

    25' x 27' Parachute Lumber Tarp

                • 8 ft. Drop Flap
                • 79 lbs. in Total Product Weight
                • 3 rows of 2" zinc-coated D-rings
                • Cold Crack: 18 oz. Vinyl -40°F


    Custom Tarps

    If you don't see the tarp size you want, then get in touch with our team to design and manufacture custom cargo tarps for flatbed trailers. Firstly, fill out our custom tarp request form, and we will work with you to come up with the right mock-up that meets your exact requirements and send it off to our manufacturing team to create it for you.

    Other Tarp Products:

    yellow corner protector for tarpsblue corner protectorred corner protector for cargo

    1. Protection

    Because the parachute material is much thinner than the heavy-duty polyester, there is a higher likelihood of tearing open if caught on sharp corners or materials. Using protection helps prevent cuts or abrasions from happening and extend the life of your tarp. Corner Protectors from U.S. Cargo Control certainly work best at extending the life of your tarp and preventing abrasions from sharp cargo or tie down straps.

    Our more popular protection items include:

    Be sure to browse through our corner protector products, as some are specifically made to accommodate different cargo items and tie down straps.

    tarp repair kit with vinyl cement and red tarp patch

    2. Repair Kits

    If your tarp does need repairing, then patch it up using an easy-to-use tarp repair kit. Each kit comes with an 8 oz. can of vinyl cement and a 2 sq. ft. tarp patch that makes restoring your tarp a simple and cost-effective solution rather than replacing your entire tarp. 

    3. Other Tarp Options

    We understand - not all tarps are made equal, so it's important to choose the right one for your cargo control needs. We offer other tarp options for you to choose from if parachute tarps don't fit your specifications, such as:

    Make sure to explore all of our options and determine which tarp works best for you!

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    For any questions you may have on our truck and transportation products, call our team of product experts at (866) 444-9990 or email today!


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