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What are E-Track Shoring Beams?

What are E-Track Shoring Beams?


E-track shoring beams serve a dual purpose: not only do they secure cargo safely inside a trailer, they also provide additional storage space. E-track shoring beams attach to e-track rails that are installed inside your truck or trailer. Also called load bars, cargo bars, or load locks, the adjustable beams snap into the e-track rails and prevent loads from shifting during transport.

E-track shoring beams are perfect for securing large, bulky cargo that may damage other items or your vehicle itself if the load shifts in transport.


Shoring beams are also sometimes called decking beams because of their ability to create more usable space inside your vehicle. Just add two or more beams at the same interval on the E-track and secure a piece of plywood on top of the beams to create a surface area. Our load bar shoring beams are available in both steel and aluminum to suit a variety of applications.


You can also create a storage rack with two beams without using plywood, check out how US Cargo Control customer Wade did so in his trailer: Customer Photos: Adjustable Shoring Beams. Like any tool, cargo bars should be stored properly when not in use. Failure to do so can result in serious injury because the beams can become dangerous projectiles in the event of a sudden stop or an accident.

Shoring Beams at U.S. Cargo Control

Shop all of the available cargo bar options we offer at U.S. Cargo Control. Shoring beams come in both aluminum and steel varieties and extend to different lengths for easy adjustability:

Shoring Beams

You can also choose a ratcheting cargo bar as an alternative to E-Track beams. Learn more by reading up on the differences between cargo bars and shoring beams.

To shop all of our E-track rails, straps, and accessories, click over to: E Track Straps & Tie Downs.

E-Track Installation

Need help in deciding whether to install vertical or horizontal E-track? Check out this video for a quick overview of the difference of the two.

Learn more about E-track - including a general product overview, installation tips, and more.

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