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Galvanized E-Track vs. Painted E-Track

Galvanized E-Track vs. Painted E-Track

The choice of using galvanized etrack or painted e-track can be based on three factors: price, color and installation location.


Painted e-track is slightly cheaper than its galvanized sibling. But for the most part - galvanized is only a couple dollars more, because of the process used to treat the metal.


E-Track's color is also based on which version of etrack you are buying. Galvanized is a silver color - which can help it blend in if you are looking for a solution to match aluminum. It is slightly more reflective than aluminum. Painted etrack is green and powder coated - which makes it resistant to scratching and will hold up well to daily use.

Installation Location

Finally we get to what kind/where you plan to install your e-track. If the installation is on the exterior, then the best choice will be galvanized. This treatment provides the best resistance to elements in the e-rack lineup.

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