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how to use e track

How E-Track Provides Safer & Smarter Cargo Control Solutions

Whether you’re a professional truck driver delivering goods or just a person who hauls a lot of tools and equipment, the focus is always on preventing damage during transit. Not only does this keep customers (and owners) happy, it also saves you from having to pull out your pocketbook after a haul.

And while ratchet straps and other common tie-down equipment are certainly effective cargo control solutions, there are certain situations when E-track is the most secure and versatile solution in the long-run.

what is e track?

What is E Track?

E-Track is essentially long rails of high-strength 12-gauge steel with multiple anchor points that support various tie-down equipment. People commonly install E-track inside enclosed trailers, cargo vans, or dry van semi trailers. It’s customizable and extremely versatile because it can be screwed to the floors and interior walls of trailers and vans (using E-Track screws) exactly where it is needed.

Specialized E-Track fittings allow you to quickly snap a variety of cargo control equipment in place to align with what you’re hauling and how big it is.

Types of E Track

E-track comes in both horizontal and vertical styles. Vertical E-track has attachment points that run parallel with the E-track rail. It has a more narrow profile compared to horizontal track. This allows you to mount D-rings perpendicular to the floor. On the other hand, horizontal E-track has slots that run perpendicular to the track rail. This provides more anchor points per foot. When you mount horizontal E-track to a wall it allows you to secure equipment such as spare tires against the wall.

E-Track comes in a variety of lengths to fit your specific application. US Cargo Control offers E-track in 2’, 5’, 8’, and 10’ lengths. You can also purchase E-track singles, which are great if you will only be using a single piece of equipment such as a tow dolly strap.

E-track is available with a hot dip galvanized finish to help withstand corrosion or with a cleaner powder-coated finish.

E Track System Accessories

E-tracks ability to work with a variety of tie-down accessories is what makes it so special. Choose from more common E-track ratchet straps and E-track cam straps to more specialized E-track fittings like J-hook fittings, D-ring fittings, rope tie-offs, and roller idler fittings.

For enclosed vans, shoring beams and wood end sockets are a smart way to keep large amounts of cargo securely in place.

E-Track vs L-Track

E-track is the industry standard for cargo control and known to be more heavy-duty and high strength. L-track is much more lightweight as it is made of aluminum but also has a lower profile compared to E-track. While L-track will work for just about any vehicle or trailer, it is most ideal for a pick-up truck bed.

Installing E Track

The most important part of installing E-track is to measure correctly and install securely. Your cargo is only as secure as the weakest part of your tie down assembly. Because of this, it’s best to screw E-Track into the wall studs and floors studs of your van or trailer.

We have found that #14 self-tapping screws work great for attaching E-track to studs. If you are needing to drill through a thick plywood floor, 1-1/2” E-track hex bolts work best. For a strong hold, it’s also important to install E-track straight and level.

Take the time to install E-track correctly and it will remain a quick and secure way to secure cargo for years to come. See the video below for more E-track installation tips.

Learn more about E-track - including a general product overview, installation tips, and more.

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