Airline-Style L-Track & L-Track Tie Down Rails

More About Airline-Style L-Track & L-Track Tie Down Rails

Also known as logistic track, L-track is a versatile tie down system of aluminum rails, fittings, and straps to secure a range of cargo.

The L-track adjustable cargo tie down rails can be installed on trailers and pickup beds; in vans and enclosed trailers. Even utility trailers or vehicles on the farm, construction site, manufacturing facility, etc. - nearly anywhere you need to secure cargo quickly and easily. The multiple round openings on the rails allow for quick attachment of spring fittings so you can create a custom tie down at any point in the rail.

The narrow design of L-track creates a lower profile than traditional e-track. Track lengths range from 6" to 96" to fit a variety of vehicles and are have pre-drilled holes (tracks without holes are also available by special order). L-track singles can also be installed on ATVs, skid loaders, garden tractors, etc. to create a spot for a quick connection of logistic track tie down straps, bungee cord, rope, etc.

Our selection of aluminum tie down track, l-track tie down ratchet straps, and other logistic track tie down hardware was created to allow you to build your own custom tie down system quickly and easily. And don't forget custom tie downs straps are always an option. See our custom straps page for more information.

Choose from:

Our best-selling L-track in lightweight aluminum features the narrow profile L-track is known for, but is updated to offer a range of popular colors. Great for coordinating straps, vehicle colors, or logo color schemes, it looks especially sharp when used for ATV Tie Downs, Snowmobile Trailer Tie Downs, or Dirt Bike Tie Downs. All of our colored L-track has a durable, power-coated finish to resist abrasions and protect the aluminum. While we stock 6", 12", 24", 48", 72", and 96" lengths with pre-drilled holes, custom lengths and trailer tie down rails without holes is available by special order. 2" single point tie downs are also available in both a round and rectangular style; they're perfect for adding a tie down point if you don't have room to install a full track.

Airline-Style L-Track
L-track tie down rails were made popular in the airline industry as a way to secure seats, but the versatility of this aluminum tracking makes it an excellent choice for many consumer tie downs uses. More heavy-duty than regular L-track, our airline-style track is made from high quality grade 6351 aluminum and features a thickness of " and a width of 1-3/8". Although heavy duty aluminum track is still known by a variety of similar airline terms (airline track, airline track tie downs, airline cargo straps, airplane cargo tie down rails, aircraft style seat track), it's important to note that not all grades of this heavy duty aluminum tracking are FAA certified for use in the airline industry.

Angled L-Track
Angled l-track cargo rails (also known as surface angled track or surface L-track) are designed for surface mount. Common in the transportation industry as a floor anchor system for wheelchairs, angled L-track is also ideal for sport and utility trailers as the shape of the track makes it easy to roll motorcycles, ATVs, dollies, etc. across it. Optional track filler and end caps are also available, to further reduce any abrupt or rough surfaces. Two lengths of track are available: 12" and 100". Our angled aluminum tracking is made from grade 6061-T6 aluminum for superior corrosion resistance and has pre-drilled holes; track without holes is available by special order.

Recessed L-Track
Recessed track (also known as flanged track) has a profile that allows for recessed installation, making it flush with the floor or wall surface. Like angled L-track, this style of adjustable cargo tie down rail system is popular in the transportation industry for floor anchor systems and wheelchair tie downs because of the ease of rolling items across it. This benefit also makes it ideal for other applications: delivery trucks, utility trailers, etc. Track filler and end caps are also available to complete the design. Our recessed aluminum cargo track is made from grade 6061-T6 aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance, and is available in two lengths: 12" and 100". Our in-stock recessed L-track has pre-drilled holes, but track without holes can be special ordered.

We aim to provide a complete selection of l-track, fittings, l-track tie down straps, and accessories. If you don't see the load track supplies you're looking for, give us a call at 866-444-9990. We'll do our best to find what you need.

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