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Stainless Steel Eye Bolts
Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

Using Stainless Steel Eye Bolts Eye bolts have many uses but are commonly used as anchor securement points forwire rope or in lifting applications using lifting slings and lifting beams and spreader bars.

While galvanized steel also has the ability to resist rust, stainless steel combats extreme weather and corrosion much better. Even better, stainless steel eye bolts maintain this rust resistance even if they become scratched.

Types of Stainless Steel Eye Bolts US Cargo Control sells two grades of stainless steel eye bolts.

Stainless Type 304 - resists most corrosion and ordinary rusting. Overall strength is slightly higher than Type 316, but Type 304 won"t combat saltwater nearly as well.

Stainless Type 316 - ideal for marine applications. Type 316 SS eye bolts contain molybdenum, a chemical element that maximizes chloride resistance.

Styles of Stainless Steel Eye Bolts US Cargo Control sells stainless steel eye bolts in a variety of styles including: machine eye bolts, shoulder eye bolts, lag eye bolts, welded and non-welded eye bolts, and much more.

Depending on the size and style of stainless steel eye bolt, working load limits range from 200 pounds up to 8,200 pounds.

More Eye Bolt Options If corrosion is not a concern for your application, you may consider other types of eye bolts, such as galvanized eye bolts for increased strength.