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Nylon Flat Eye and Eye Lifting Slings

Our nylon type 3 eye to eye sling configuration is extremely versatile and one of our best sellers. Not only can it be removed from underneath a load, it can be used in all three hitch types: basket, choker, or vertical.

Made from industrial-grade nylon, these slings will stretch between 6-8% at capacity, ideal for absorbing shock. This elasticity also allows them to return to their original shape after use. If you need a sling with less stretch, check out our polyester round slings.

The design is available in four different ply configurations (1-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply, 4-ply), letting you add additional strength without having to increase the width.

Eye Type

Choose from either a standard eye (made from the same nylon as the rest of the sling), or a reinforced one. The reinforced sewn loop has Cordura, a high-strength, cut-resistant nylon fabric that will provide abrasion-resistance where it's need most: where the sling makes contact with other lifting hardware.

The 1" and 2" wide slings have a standard eye, while the type 3 web slings size 3" and wider have a tapered eye for easy attachment and release.

Measuring Your Type 3 Web Sling

The length of your eye and eye sling is measured from the load-bearing point of one eye or fitting to the load-bearing point of the other eye or fitting.

Sling Protection

While nylon slings offer many benefits, the lightweight material is also more susceptible to abrasion-related damage during a lift. Extend the life of your sling with sling protection.


If you need help choosing a lift strap for your application, be sure and check our reference page: How to Choose a Lifting Sling. You can also call our sales team for more information, help in placing an order, or a custom type 3 nylon sling quote.