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E-Track Trailer Rails & Accessories

E-track is a cargo securement system for trailers, cargo vans, moving vans, enclosed semi-trailers, and other logistic applications. Due to its incredible versatility – it can create horizontal, vertical, lateral, and radial constraints – this system is trusted to tie down a wide range of cargo.

At its most basic, E-track is made up of high-strength, 12-gauge steel rails that are attached to the walls or floor of an enclosed or flatbed trailer. Depending on the types of loads it will be used to secure, it can be connected using screws, rivets, or even welding.

Tip: Make sure to weld galvanized rails in a well-ventilated area, as fumes may be toxic.

Each rail has slots running along its length that function as potential tie-down points. E-track straps – specifically designed with at least one slot-compatible end fitting – are usually 2” wide. There are also a number of length and attachment options, such as wire hooks or D rings, so it’s easy to find the best fit for your application.

E-Track Sizes & Finishes

E-track is commonly sold in 2', 5’, 8' and 10’ sections and is offered in painted or galvanized finish.

The hot-dip galvanized finish provides corrosion-resistance using a surface chemical treatment. The painted / powder-coated finish has enhanced durability, thanks to the powder that is baked onto the track.

What’s the Difference between Horizontal and Vertical E-Track Trailer Systems?

While horizontal E-track for trailers is the most popular choice, there are no hard and fast rules about whether you should use rails with a vertical or horizontal orientation. We break down the differences below, but your primary considerations should be the type of cargo you intend to transport, as well as the type of trailer you have (for example, are there wheel wells or cabinets in the way?).

Horizontal E-Track

horizontal etrack for trailers with fitting inserted

Horizontal E-track can be mounted on the floor or bed of a trailer, as well as on the walls of enclosed trailers and cargo vans.

It has slots that run perpendicular (at 90-degree angles) to the sides of the rail and are spaced tightly together at approximately 2" intervals. They provide numerous tie-down points for cars, ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and cargo on pallets. When they are installed on the floor, they can function as anchor points for axle straps, D-rings, and rope tie-offs. When they are installed on the wall, they can work with cargo nets and rope tie-offs. You can use them to secure equipment or to hold objects flat against the side of a trailer wall.

vertical etrack trailer installed on enclosed trailer wall

Vertical E-Track Rails

Vertical E-track trailer systems can accommodate cargo of various sizes and heights. It also provides the support system necessary to create a second level for cargo using shoring beams.

Compared to horizontal, it has a narrower profile and anchor points that run parallel with the rail. It also permits D-rings to be mounted perpendicular to the floor.

Build the Perfect Enclosed Trailer E-Track System

US Cargo Control carries a full line of E-track rails, as well as many accessory options. Our selection includes E-track straps, rope tie-offs, spring E-fittings, shoring beams, and more.

We also carry kits that can help you get started with the essentials.


Not sure what type of E-track is right for your application? Call our product experts with any product questions or to place an order.