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Enclosed Trailer
Enclosed Trailer

Cargo Trailer Accessories

Using the right enclosed trailer accessories is essential to safeguarding your cargo from damage during transit.

Create your tie down system using a combination of anchor points, cargo nets, load bars, and straps. Start by placing the anchors - E-track, L-track, or D-rings - exactly where you need them. Then incorporate tie downs or load bars to keep your load in place. 

Additional supplies such as moving equipment and moving blankets offer protection and can help streamline your setup process.

US Cargo Control has what you need to make the trip safely and ensure your cargo arrives intact.

E-Track Enclosed Trailer Hardware

E-track is a system of heavy-duty metal tracks and fittings designed to create anchor points inside an enclosed trailer. It's a standard in the industry for securing cargo, equipment, motorcycles, snowmobiles, even vehicles, during transport.

Due to its popularity, a wide variety of E-track-compatible enclosed trailer accessories are available. Our made-in-the-USA items designed specifically for E-track use include tie downs, cargo nets, shoring beams, cam straps, ratchet straps, and more.

Depending on your application, you can choose from horizontal E-track for trailers or vertical E-track rails. Both are available in either galvanized or painted finishes, and installation is simple. Just watch the videos below!

E-Track Installation on a Flatbed Trailer

How to Install E-Track

Don't want to install an entire track? Check out our E-track singles, which can be placed nearly anywhere on a trailer you want to add an anchor point. These tie down trailer parts are especially handy for hauling items that are an unusual size.

Load Bars, Cargo Bars & Load Locks

If an E-track system is not an option, our ratcheting cargo or load bars are an easy way to create secure points to keep your load from moving and shifting during the haul.

Load bars are shoring beams that install or attach inside a trailer or truck. These enclosed trailer accessories can work with either a track system or as a stand-alone and are a great way to prevent cargo movement. If you have an E-track system, you can simply snap them in place in the track!

If you don't have E-track, choose a ratcheting cargo bar or round tube load bar. They place pressure between the trailer or truck wall and the cargo to keep it from shifting. Ours are fitted with non-skid rubber pads to protect the inside walls of your trailer or truck.

These handy bars can also help to increase the usable space in your trailer by creating deck areas for multiple levels. Simply place two or more at the same height, then lay plywood sheets to create additional floor space for cargo (when using load bars to create decking, be sure that the weight of your cargo doesn't exceed the horizontal working load limit of the logistic bars).

Need lots of load locks? Look no further than US Cargo - we offer volume pricing to help you economically outfit your trailers. 

Cargo Net Accessories for Enclosed Trailers

A cargo net is cargo trailer supply staple. A simple design makes it easy to use, and different styles and sizes make this cargo hold-down option a great choice for securing nearly anything you need to haul.

Our heavy-duty cargo nets measure 41" x 80" with 8" square openings, and have spring E-track fittings attached so they're ready to use immediately if you have an E-track system installed. The industrial grade 2" polyester webbing has a break strength of 10,000 lbs.

If you need a cargo net in a different size or with different fittings, we offer custom-made nets. You choose the width, length, webbing size, the type and number of hardware attachments, etc., to create exactly what you want. Simply complete and submit our custom cargo nets request form, or call one of our cargo tie-down specialists to review your requirements and get you what you need.

Want a solution that doesn't require an E-track system? Our pickup truck cargo bungee nets have built-in plastic hooks to attach to the side rail or rings on the truck.

Choose from two different sizes: 72" x 96" or 36" x 48" - both made of a high quality bungee material so it easily stretches around the cargo. 

Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage bags keep your cargo safe by filling in gaps between pallets, boxes, etc. and providing shock/vibration absorption.

These air bags are quick to inflate and deflate, and come in a number of different sizes to suit almost any setup.


If you're not sure what enclosed trailer parts will work best for your hauling job, call our customer service team and one of our trained sales professionals will be glad to assist you.

Our products are applicable to more than just enclosed trailers - we carry products like corner protectors, winch straps, and more for use on flatbed trailers, lowboy trailers, even hot shot trailers!