Turnbuckles are constructed with a long sleeve with internal screw threads that accept a variety of fittings used to pull anchor points closer together or push them apart by turning the turnbuckle body. Turnbuckles can be manufactured in galvanized hardware or stainless hardware for rigging supplies and marine hardware. We carry a full line of turnbuckle hardware including jaw jaw, eye eye, hook hook, eye jaw, and hook eye in various sizes from small turn buckles to large turnbuckles. Turnbuckles are necessary equipment in marine rigging and architecture industries.

Our heavy duty marine fittings are hot dip galvanized or stainless steel type 316 for durability and long life.

Boat rigging and marine rigging industries utilize the turnbuckle as a valuable part of their sailboat hardware/rigging hardware. In galvanized turnbuckles the turnbuckle eyes are forged elongated to minimize stress on the eye fitting and make attachment to sailing hardware easier. The turnbuckle jaw features either a nut/bolt or pin/cotter pin to secure the turnbuckles to cabling. Meant for straight or inline pull only, our heavy-duty turnbuckles are high quality hardware fittings for your rigging applications and ship fast. If you have questions regarding configurations of rigging turnbuckles or other rigging hardware, please contact our product specialists.

Turnbuckles by Brand

Our wide selection of turnbuckles includes both domestic and import options. While the majority of our customers prefer Made in the USA turnbuckles, we offer a variety of import turnbuckles as well for those that would like a more economical choice. Please keep in mind that imported turnbuckles meet federal specifications, just as turnbuckles that are manufactured in the United States.

Crosby® Turnbuckles

As a leader in the industry, Crosby® takes no shortcuts when it comes to manufacturing turnbuckles. Crosby® turnbuckles are all heat treated and fatigue rated to ensure strength and and long-lasting durability. Crosby® offers a wide variety of turnbuckle types and sizes to fit your needs.

Van Beest Turnbuckles

Van Beest turnbuckles are a high-quality, European-made rigging product that meets all industry standards. Van Beest turnbuckles are easy to spot because they have tinges of the signature Van Beest green color. Choose between jaw and jaw turnbuckles, jaw and eye turnbuckles, and eye and eye turnbuckles.

Import Turnbuckles

Our selection of import turnbuckles are great for those that are looking for a more economical option that still get the job done and meet federal safety specifications. Choose from a variety of stainless steel turnbuckles, as well as jaw and jaw turnbuckles, jaw and eye turnbuckles, eye and eye turnbuckles, hook and eye turnbuckles, and hook and hook turnbuckles "" all with a galvanized finish.

Top Materials for Turnbuckle Parts

Stainless Steel - from small turnbuckles to larger assemblies 316L stainless turnbuckles offer high corrosion resistance and durability with standard UNC threading to interchange turnbuckle hardware. Stainless steel turnbuckles offer the highest resistance to high chloride or high moisture environments.

Pipe - pipe turnbuckles are a version of stainless steel manufacturing but the body of the turnbuckle is enclosed in stainless steel pipe for cosmetic reasons such as wire railings so that threads are not visible unlike standard turnbuckle hardware. UNC threaded so the fittings can be interchanged with standard turnbuckle fittings.

Galvanized Turnbuckles - hot dip galvanized steel for durability, resistance to corrosives, and weather resistance. Made for in-line or straight pull applications only.

Turnbuckle Hardware Options

There are a large variety of turn buckle design options to fit your specific rigging needs. Turnbuckles come with a variety of end fittings:

Deck Toggle - a "T" shaped bar sits inside a mounting bracket with holes on either side. This configuration allows the turnbuckle assemblies to rotate 180 degrees within the mounting bracket. This type of fitting is often used to attach to deck posts.

Drop Pin - these turnbuckle tie downs have a rotating pin on the end that flips flat into the body of the pin to thread through a hole and then can be extended perpendicular to the body for a secure hold. This end fitting offers an excellent clean look.

Eye - solid loop end for wire rope turnbuckle with no vulnerable connection points to allow cable to slip through. Elongated eye version minimizes stress on the turnbuckle component.

Fork or Jaw -rigging turnbuckles with wishbone shaped anchor point fitted with a nut and bolt or pin and cotter turnbuckle assembly, this type of fitting is ideal for situations where the anchor point is fixed and will not work with an eye or the anchor point needs to be secured from slipping off the fitting.

Hook - stainless turnbuckle ending in an open hook. Hooked ends of the turnbuckle may open the same direction or in opposite directions depending on your rigging requirements. This fitting offers the quickest option for attachment and release.

Lag Screw - the threaded screw end of these turnbuckles allow for permanent, secure attachment to your anchor points.

Stub End - these rigging turnbuckles are used where a connecting point is not needed like most turnbuckle ends, but rather are used to separate or push apart objects.

Swage Stud - swage stud turn buckle fittings offer a solid corrosion resistant end point that is threaded to accept wires directly into the fitting and swaged to secure them permanently.

Threaded Rod - turnbuckle hardware end fitting with standard threads that easily form a direct connection to a post or other mounting surface.

Turnbuckle suppliers offer a wide variety of fittings and assemblies in wire rope turnbuckles. If you need help determining the right assembly or size for your application, call our specialists for assistance.