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Tire chains are important to have if you’re driving where snowy or icy roads are a possibility. Even if you don’t regularly travel in wintry conditions, some states have DOT regulations requiring drivers to carry tire chains in their vehicle during winter months.

Using tire chains when roads become packed with snow, ice, or heavy slush can provide added control behind the wheel. Even if conditions don’t often warrant putting tire chains on, it’s smart to always have some on hand. In fact, some states require that drivers keep tire chains in the truck in case winter weather makes roads difficult or dangerous for driving. Some states allow cables rather than chains, but more require traditional chains, since cables are generally less effective. If you’ll be traveling on a multi-state route, it’s a good idea to contact state Department of Transportation (DOT) offices for specific chain requirements. Snow chains on tires are legal for use in all states in the U.S.

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