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5' E Track & Cam Straps Kit

WLL 833 lbs.
BS 2,500 lbs.
You save 17%

Snap-Loc Basics E Track Starter Kit

WLL 833 lbs.
BS 2,500 lbs.
You save 8%

E Track Car Hauling Kit

WLL 2,000 lbs.
BS 6,000 lbs.
You save 10%

Horizontal E Track Shelving Kit

You save 12%

Snap-Loc Supreme E Track Kit

You save 6%
You save 3%

5' E Track & Ratchet Straps Kit

WLL 1,467 lbs.
BS 4,400 lbs.
You save 8%

Vertical E Track Shelving Kit

You save 12%

8' E Track Professional Starter Kit

You save 1%
Whether you are just getting started with E-Track or simply looking to pick up some essentials, an E-Track Kit is an easy and convenient solution. Our product experts have assembled several different E-Track Tie Down Kits to choose from, pulling in several popular products from our full line-up of E-Track Straps and Tie Downs.

E-Track is an industry-standard for keeping cargo, equipment, and even vehicles tied down during transport. With E-Track Straps and other tie-down hardware, you can tie down just about any type of cargo or load. Our E-Track Starter Kits are designed for a variety of trailer types, so whether you are using a pickup truck, an open flatbed trailer, or a large semi-trailer, we have an E-Track Kit for you.

Open/Flatbed Utility Trailer

Flatbed Utility Trailers are an extremely versatile style trailer suitable for hauling a wide range of cargo such as ATVs, motorcycles, and more. Our Snap-Loc Starter Kit and Utility Car Hauling Kit are both great options and include several popular components that will make it easy to safely and securely tie-down your cargo for transit.

Enclosed Utility Trailer

Enclosed Utility Trailers are perfect for a number of different applications. Use them to haul smaller cargo and recreational vehicles or as a mobile workshop for tools and other hardware. An E-Track System makes it easy to customize your enclosed trailer to meet your specific application needs. Use E-Track to tie-down cargo as well as construct shelving and shoring beams. Our Enclosed Utility Trailer Shelving Kit comes with our Galvanized E-Track Rails and Wood End Sockets. The Wood End Sockets easily snap into series E-Track and allow you to create inexpensive shoring beams from an ordinary piece of 2 x 4 lumber.


E-Track makes it easy to transport a wide variety of cargo in your interior van trailer. Our Van Trailer Starter Kit is a great way to stock up on several E-Track essentials including our 8’ Horizontal E-Track Rails, E-Track Ratchet Straps, Spring E-Fittings w/ O Ring, J-Hook Fittings, and even a handy E-Track Strap Storage Bag. Our interior van trailer E-Track Kits were designed not only to help you haul and transport a wide range of cargo but also to help you keep your trailer organized. Use the included J-Hooks to store items such as extension cords, roperatchet straps, and more.

Additional E-Track Products

Looking for something other than what’s included in one of our pre-configured E-Track Kits? We offer a full line of E-track, as well as many E-track accessories to help you build your own custom E-Track system.

We also offer more E-track tie down options, including ratchet straps with 1' and 2' fixed ends. The standard 4' fixed end option included in these kits is well-suited for most applications, but the shorter ends are available if you need them.

Use E-track for trailers, cargo vans, moving vans, enclosed semi-trailers, and other logistic applications. Check out some additional and creative ways to utilize E-Track products on our blog here.

More Tie-Down Options

Need even more strength for your job? Check out our Transport Chain and Chain Binders page for a large selection of transport chain, chain binders, and even some convenient transport chain and binder kits. We also carry a large range of BlackLine Ratchet Straps and cam straps, as well as an extensive selection of L-Track Tie Down Systems and Moving Equipment. So, whatever you’re hauling, make sure you pick up some high-quality E-Track and Tie-Down Straps from US Cargo Control!


Our knowledgeable sales team is here to help. If you’re unsure which type of tie-down system is right for your application, our product specialists will work with you to find the right solution for your specific needs. Contact the team today with any product questions or for help to place an order. We do custom orders, too!

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