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7 Tips for Smarter Truck Parking

While these tips won't make new parking spots magically appear, they can help you park smarter and sleep easier. 

12 Top-Notch Truck Stops in America with Secure Parking

Every long distance driver needs a place to refuel and recharge. We've compiled a list of truck stops across America for their secure parking and generous amenities.

Top 5 Major Challenges Facing the Trucking Industry Today

We've compiled a summary of the top five major challenges facing in the trucking industry.

5 Awesome Apps for Truck Drivers 

Apps help to organize some of what the internet has to offer, especially for truckers who drive for the long haul. Read on for 5 awesome apps for truck drivers.

US Cargo Control is Headed to NATE UNITE 2018

The NATE Association US Cargo Control is a proud member of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE...

15 Tax Deductions Every Truck Driver Should Consider

First, what is a tax deduction? Essentially a tax deduction is a work-related expense that lowers your annu...

ELD Mandate: Rerouting the Trucking Industry

Deadline to Comply Looms Near On December 18th, the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate goes into effec...

Operation Safe Driver Week is Oct. 15-21

October 15-21, 2017 has been designated by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) as Operation Safe Driv...

What are Frost Laws?

Also known as “Seasonal Weight Restrictions,” Frost Laws are restrictions on speed and/or weight on roads sensitive to weakening during a spring thaw.

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